It's true.

One thing that's true about me, I LOVE bags! Give me a new purse and yes, I'll smile. I'm picky about everything so it's hard for me to find one I really, really love but when I do, I have to have it. These are usually splurges but they make me a little happy so I don't think twice. I give myself that little gift every so often and I think it's a good thing.

Here is my new little Mott Street Fisher in white.


my happy things in this moment.

that natural glow you can only get from being sunkissed.

windows wide open and lots of fresh air.

new shoes.

constant bird chirping.

fresh flowers of course.


solid God time.

wooden wicked candles.

puppy love.

meeting running goals.

self reflection.

nice friends.


my journal.

clean, fresh, cozy home.

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