I'm Spaghetti Crazy!

Spaghetti is one of my favorite things. Unfortunately, I don't have a great red sauce recipe that I can whip up when I'm craving some pasta. So, I decided to search for THE BEST SPAGHETTI SAUCE!! And, where else do I go to find this but google! I searched, "best spaghetti sauce" and found the following blogs who all claim they have the best recipe! I put them all to the test and here are the results according to my lil taste buds!

I tried Kitchen Scoop first. It wasn't terrible, it wasn't bad, but it's wasn't great and I'm sorry but it wasn't even close to the best sauce ever! It was easy and it was okay but the truth is, I wouldn't make it again. C-

Next I tried, Me and My Dog I was excited to try this because she said it was thick and sweet. Two things I love in my sauce. It also had mushrooms, which I love!  I liked this one better than the fist one I made but maybe because I tweaked it a bit. I liked the ingredients she chose but there just weren't enough of all of it so I was adding a lot more of everything. I did put the rest in the freezer, where last batch I threw all the left over away. This one was better but still not the best sauce ever. C

Moving on.... Smitten Kitchen had the most simple recipe of them all. I have to admit when I read that all that was in it was onion and butter, I really didn't think it could be that good. Well, I was kind-a right. It wasn't as bad as it sounds but the search continues...

Mom's Compass

Dalai Mama Dishes This is the recipe I look most forward to trying and I will share my results soon!

Rara Bakes

Household Management 101

A couple years ago, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Aunt Ruthies Sugar Pie Farmhouse. She had a recipe for what she calls: Hillbilly Spaghetti Pie. I was so excited to try it, I even went out and bought a cast iron pan. I made it and sadly, it wasn't all the hype everyone on the blog made it out to be. Yes, it was okay but I never did make it again. C

Some say I'm a little picky but I say, I like what I like. So what! :o)


{ L } said...

Very interesting post! Keep me updated on this. If you find the winning recipe, let me know. You've tried a lot! They all look really good...sooo, you must be super picky. ;)

Also, when I make spaghetti sauce, I think it's best to use all fresh herbs (not dried) and stew my own tomatoes...tomatoes from a garden. Tomatoes make up the largest ingredient, so using fresh garden ones, really enhances the sauce and showcases those veggies...

{better than candy} said...

Funny... I had no idea you even left a comment. Wonder why I didn't get an alert.

I totally agree with you with fresh herbs and tomatoes!

Thanks for stopping by. LOL.

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Katie @TEFL certification said...

Love your photos. You make me so hungry now. I recommend some spinach with the spaghetti. They're perfect mixing.

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