Ways to Say {THANK YOU}

I must have these cookie cutters!

Adorable crane and card.

2 great little books...

My always favorite Cupcake in Bloom. Good for an occasion!

Personalize M&M's to say whatever your heart desires!

If you have any other unique tokens of appreciation, please share them with me. Thank you! xo.


10 happy things

*Random Joys of Happiness*

This quote: "happiness is having something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for"

This video is adorable.

Very CUTE idea for Valentines Day or any day really!

My new bag. Just got it.. LOVE it.

More PostSecrets. I cant stop. I'm really addicted.

This hankie I love because it reminds me of my grandma for 2 reasons. 1) because we collect vintage hankies together and 2) she made me a quilt and wrote that exact phrase on it for me. xo.

These shoes.

I REALLY, REALLY want this little top...

9. Very cozy bed by House & Garden Magazine...


Hi, it's me. I haven't been around much lately BUT...

I'm kind of back... I missed it... that's for sure!

Since I haven't been around in awhile, I thought I would update the blog community with some current random facts about me.

I sent in my very first POSTSECRET! hehe. It's kind-a addicting. I want to keep sending them in now.

Has anyone seen, "It's Complicated" .. I loved it and can't wait to purchase it! I see a lot of movies and this one is my current favorite.

I'm almost............. 31 years old. Seriously.

Im going to be an aunt in June. It's a girly!

I have recently been given a blessings in disguise. Not easy when you have to get hurt in the process, but so worth it when the end result is {the truth}. Good friends are hard to find. I cherish the ones I have.

Please let me know if you're on facebook.. would love to add you as my friend!

I'm *finally* motivated to lose the weight that I've gained over the last few years.

I have {A LOT, A LOT} going on in my life right now, it's so complicated and so overwhelming, but I'm ready for some GOOD changes please.

I just bought this cute little necklace over at Etsy.

One of my favorite things.. the sharpie pen. I love all sharpies but this one is my new best friend! It's the only thing I'll write in my moleskine with too.

Has anyone seen the new show, "Life Unexpected" ... the pilot was just on and it's a super cute show! It's on Monday nights!

I want, want, want this bag by the way! Fingers crossed I can get it!

Cheers to you!


Have you seen this?

I saw this on a blog somewhere and now I can't remember....
Please let me know if you know!

so very pleased to meet you

Dear 2010,

I am elated that you are here! I really couldn't wait to meet you. 2009 just wasn't that great. I don't want to dwell on yesterday but I don't know how much longer I could have taken. Your timing was good. Thank you! So far, this year has brought some {new} changes that were much needed! Thank you for that! I pray that this continues to happen as I ride this random, spontaneous, beautiful wind! Please send me off in a direction that will only help me be a better me! Please.

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What do you wear on your lips most of the time?

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