Holy Inappropriateness

I'm soooo excited! Some friends and I are going to see Bethenny on Monday in Huntington Beach! She's having a book (Naturally Thin) signing in our neck of the woods and I can't wait!!! She is hilarious and my all time favorite housewife ever! I wish she would do stand up... I would be first in line! She is so witty and down to earth. Team Bethenny all the way! Anyone else a fan? If you are on Team Kelly we can't be friends... hehe.

Her Blog!

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Just organizing a little...

I forgot to take a "real" before picture but I'm glad I did because I don't know if I would have really showed it. It was full of my father in laws collection of hard liquor and other things he shoved in there for us to store for him, my husbands many poker chips and playing cards and just a bunch of junk that I don't know what I'm going to do with. My husband saves everything (like his dad) and won't let me get rid of it. Anyway, this cabinet was so embarrassing and so disorganized. I have been wanting to clean it out and finally put some of my stuff in its place. I'm not totally done but atleast I started....



Here are my holiday plates, I just love them. It took me a lot of searching because they didn't come in a set, I had to go out and buy everything individually.

Also, my birthday plates and mugs. I think they're adorable but I also had to buy these individually. I don't even know what the whole set consists of but one piece I know that I'm missing is the big blue cake platter. I got pink and blue so I could have a set for my daughters and sons.

My minature tea cups. I think they are precious and each one is different. They were actually Christmas ornaments that I just snipped the ribbon off of that was attached. I would put them out to display but I haven't found the right place for them yet.

And... that's all for now.

sad story

Remember my dear little hummingbirds? {here, here & here}. Well, the babies have grown and moved on. I am so blessed to have experienced this amazing beauty that our wonderful Lord has made!

The cute momma bird is one heck of a mom I must say! She really knows her stuff and puts her kiddies first! After her chicks left and were on their own, she kept coming back to her nest... fluffing it and making it cozy again. I was exciting because it seemed as though she was preparing for another batch.

I was right and I even got to watch her lay the eggs!

She layed tiny egg #1 on April 14th.

Here she is laying on it.

The next day she layed tiny egg #2.

I was so excited to be able to watch this whole process. I didn't get to see the first ones hatch. I think I found them when they were about 2 or 3 days old.

Here comes the sad news. On day #3... the eggs were gone. Something came in the night and snatched them and I am soooo heart broken. After this happened, momma bird hasn't been back at all since. I'm pretty sure she has abandoned her nest for good and moved on. I used to see her all of the time and now never. I hope whoever got her eggs didn't get her too!

I know these things happen, it's nature. What makes it more sad is that I think I provoked it. I put some bird seeds out for all the birds and I wasn't thinking because I put them too close to where the nest is. I invited and attracted all these new birds and who knows what else over when this whole time I had innocent little eggs right here. What was I thinking! It makes me so sad that this happened.

I miss my little birds.


so girly, so cute...

I love everything about this! The song, the style, the decorating, the accent, the clothes, the shoes, the girls, the fun. Everything. Do you know who sings this by any chance?


me = BAD friend

I forgot my best friends birthday yesterday. Who does that?

Dear Lisa, I'm so sorry.
I wish I could give you a pretty ruffled cake like this to make it up to you....



Girl Talk Time!

So, this may seem a little tooooo....
{what's the word I'm looking for?}
personal? awkward? Too something? But, I'm curious what other women do when it comes to primping their girly bits!

How do you wear your girly part?

full bush
trimmed bush
landing strip
totally bald
different patterns
none of the above

For those who prefer a little privacy, please vote in my poll at the VERY bottom of my blog!

For those who are an open book, don't hold anything back if you want to share here!

Also, do you prefer waxing or shaving and why?

For more girl talk on the subject,
Check out what A CUP OF JOE has to say in Smitten....
Here & Here!


i heart these little guys!

Took these today, notice the tablespoon in the first one for size!


A special guest showed up!

I try to take pictures of these little guys every day, I can't get over how fast they're growing up! Their beaks are longer, they're fluffier, they're moving around so much, their little eyes are open. I know it won't be too long until they make the leap and try to fly away! I hope I'm around to witness it, although I want them to stay forever! I've grown attached to these tiny birdies. Please double click on my photos to see how precious they really are! Also, take a look at my special guest... their momma! I was able to get her the other day when she came by to feed her chicks! I've seen her here and there throughout the days to visit and love them but I haven't been able to get anymore pictures of her. I don't want to scare her and this little nest is literally 12 inches away from our bedroom window! These pictures are not in the correct order, I think they may actually be backwards. Enjoy!

Here is my original post of my baby hummingbirds!

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