i love Him.

I had to go to someones house today.. I left my house thinking I had their key with me but once I got there I realized that I didn't. So, I got in my car and headed home confidently thinking I knew where I had the key. I got home and looked 3 times in the place the key should have been. It wasn't there.

Whenever I realize I lost something, I always go into a panic mode and start searching like crazy instead of just asking the Lord to help me find it. The reason I say this is because whenever I lose anything and I ask Jesus to help me find it, I ALWAYS find it but for some reason my first instinct is just to look, I forget to ask!

So, after looking where I thought it should have been and realizing I had no idea where this key is, I remembered.... " just pray!"

So I said this: "Dear Jesus, please help me find this key........ instantly. In Jesus name I pray. Amen."

As I was praying, I was about to stop the prayer after I said "key" but then I realized I need to find this key now, not in a couple hours so I added the word instantly real fast and BEFORE I even ended the prayer, I got this vision in my mind of exactly where the key was. I finished the prayer and ran to that spot and there it was... exactly where I saw it in my head. He told me "instantly" before I even could finish my prayer. I love when He does this!!!

I have another similar story here!


Robin and Stephen said...

I love when God shows himself in the simplest things! It just proves how much he loves us!

Nessa said...

Ahhh! Love it too! :)

KarenB said...

Don't you just love that! We just have to remember to ask! Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

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