Click HERE to see the STRIPES that I painted in my house!


Chichi and Luxe said...

thanks for visiting me!
love this post on stripes, especially the curtains and awnings!

great blog :)

annechovie said...

Great post! I love stripes.

SimplyGrove said...

Great collection of stripes!!

{ L } said...

Fun post! Good choice in pictures too. And I LOVE LOVE the stripes you painted in that room. Well done.

Brabourne Farm said...

Gorgeous selection of stripes - my favourite is image 3. It looks like the perfect place to spend an afternoon gazing out to sea! Leigh

RobbieLee at Chickiedee said...

What great images highlighting STRIPES! They are so much fun and I love the nursery with the yellow and white stripes on the ceiling!

You Are My Fave said...

Oh me too. I especially love a good striped tee.

Rhondi said...

I love stripes too. I went back to look at the stripes you painted. They look really good. We painted horizontal stripes in varying shades of aqua in my daughter's living room and it turned out great too.

Karli @ RockyBella said...

Beautiful? Did you ever get that anthro leather purse? I would love to see it with an outfit of yours. =) I LOVE that purse.

Karli @ RockyBella said...

I love these rooms. Stripes can never be bad.... well usually. =)

elledee said...

i love all these stripes! adorable!


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