{quilt of the week}

Todays {quilt of the week} was chosen for it's imperfections. Women would use whatever they had laying around (old dresses and shirts) .... the imperfections make these old quilts so perfect in my opinion!

And, just because I love them soooo much, here are my babies... Sadie and Preston. Just hanging out!


{ L } said...

I always look forward to your quilt of the week. You have an amazing collection of coziness!

charmaine said...

hi Brandi! how are you? how was your summer? boy we haven't written to each other in a while. i just have to tell you how much i LOVE your school picture, so adorable with those big pretty eyes. i love these quilts. i love quilts, they always seem to have a story behind each patch. have you ever seen that movie with Winona Ryder titled "How To Make An American Quilt", i love this movie. it's all about a quilt and these fabulous old ladies telling their stories. if you haven't seen it, you should check it out. it's a cute movie. well everything on this end has been great besides this hot and smokey weather. the fires made the air my way really bad. i could see them from my house. talking about scary. thank God i didn't have to evacuate. but hundreds of people did in my area. especially those who were close to the mountains. i'm just glad that it's over. the air was literally making my chest hurt. but it's all better now. anywhoo, thank for leaving me a comment and it was good hearing from you. i know life gets super busy at times. talk to you soon.

God Bless,

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