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I wanted to do something fun and get a flag to hang high on the hill in the back of our yard! I wanted something cute but more on the simple side. I didn't know where I would get one until I got an idea on Etsy!

After finding some cute banners HERE! I asked this super sweet girl if she would do a special order for me. She was open to anything! I asked for one huge pennant, instead of a bunch of small ones. She made me exactly what I wanted and did such a fantsatic job!

Our last name starts with an "H" so it worked out great that she could do the "H" on both sides of the flag.... free of charge! I want the flag to actually hang higher but this is where it stands for now.

It's really hard to tell in the pics but this flag is HUGE!!!

Please disregard all the dirt and ugliness... It is still in a makeover process! Once the hill is more complete and pretty, I'll show you an after pic!


Brandi said...

That's one of the reasons I love etsy -- the designers are so nice and so willing to work with you so you can get exactly what you want. The flag was a great idea -- kinda makes your home a castle.

Annie@A View On Design said...

yes I love etsy too! great resources... Also, love your blog, gorgeous pics

{ L } said...

Too Cute B. ;) It's so YOU.

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