Do You Cruise?

Have you ever been on a cruise? Where have you been? What cruise ships have you been on? What did you think? Do you love cruises or are they not really your thing? I would love all feedback I can get on the whole experience!

All my friends who have gone on cruises.. LOVE THEM! I personally haven't been on a cruise. I have never had any desire to go on one. I have this thing where I don't like the thought of being out in big bodies of water. lately, I have really been wanting to try one out and I think this may be the year.

I just want to hear everyones personal experiences... tell me your pros and cons please!


{ L } said...

I have never had a desire to go on one either. It seems like Vegas on a boat. If I travel I want to spend more time seeing destinations not playing on a big boat. If I wanted to play, I'd go to Vegas. ;)

Beach Vintage said...

I went on a cruise once, it was only for a few days for a conference. I must say, we hit a cyclone and everyone was so sick. I slept on the deck for 2 nights as I couldnt stand the smells in our room. So now I feel like I couldnt step on another ship. But maybe one day....Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment. xx

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Nope...listen here girls...it depends on WHICH cruise line you go one! When we went on our first cruise - we felt the same - no no no - really did NOT want to go on it, but we were so glad that we did. We went with three other couples and their kids. (we have 3 kids) We went on a Royal Caribbean - and have talked to lots of people that go on other cruise lines and they all agree that this is one of the best. (by the way, I have been to Vegas - and I hated it...but a cruise I would do again & again!)
We went on 2 Caribbean cruises a western & southern- the first we left out of Tampa the second we left out of San Juan - we stayed an extra day in San Juan on suggestions of friends, and it was well worth it! I could go on & on - but I won't....it was a great way to see a lot of different countries and choose one or two things to do on the islands, or cities...need I say it was lovely being catered to also!

Meg Fee said...

ah ha ha!! that picture of you below is just too cute, and i thought your comment was really funny!! i have never been on a cruise because my mother is so opposed to the idea (fear of water), and i can't say i love the idea of being stuck on a boat with a ton of other people. i think i could find one that wasn't super commercial, i'd really love it--like taking one to alaska, versus going to the bahamas--i don't want to go on a cruise or vacation for that matter where i have to wear a wrist tag the whole time--i hate that, what am i, cattle?!

Dionne said...

Me too. Cruise-free, and no desire to go on one. I think it's because I am stubborn and like the freedom of carving my own schedule. If I like a place, I want the freedom to stay an extra night. The problem with cruises is that you have a limited amount of time at each place, and stubborn me doesn't like that.

Heavenly Housewife said...

Yes, I've been on a lovely cruise that went from florida to porto rico to the dominican republic. My only con is that sometimes I felt confined on the ship. Sometimes I just wanted to get off (but u cant do that when there's no land in sight). There ships are usually huge though with lots of fun and activity, and tons and tons of food. You can also always go out on the deck and get some sun. I would recommend trying it at least once to see for yourself.
Oh, and another fun thing is you can be part of a black tie dinner evening and wear your best fancy outfit :D

Better After said...

hi there! thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

PS: I am pro cruise! mainly for the midnight chocolate buffet!

Jami said...

Went on a cruise 2 times... both Carnival.. once to the Bahamas with my family... the next was my honeymoon and I can't remember where we went- isn't that awful?!

The bahamas trip was nice bc we were at destinatons a lot rather than always at sea... our honeymoon was a lot at sea... and just a few days at destinations. Okay for a honeymoon I guess!

It is convienent... but I would rather be at a resort!

You Are My Fave said...

I've been on three cruises and I loved them all! I love how everything is included so you don't have to worry about what restaurant to go too or what to do that day. The tropical trips were my favorites. I love nothing more than the beach. And Princess although pricey was the best ship I went on.

Pink Rufflez said...

Hi - It took us a long time to try the cruiseship route even though many of our friends loved it.

Last year we took a 17 day cruise beginning in Istanbul - cruised the Greek Islands, saw ancient Ephysus,stopped over in Alexandria, took roadtrip to Cairo to see the pyramids, ended in Athens where we saw everything there...too many unbelievable things to list.

It was a fabulous time and I would recommend it highly - the cruiseship company was NCI.

In two weeks we board ship in Miami and make our way through the Carribean with a stop in Cartagena. Then we go all the way through the Panama Canal and have ports of call all the way up the coast of Mexico. San Diego is the port.

Next year we're planning to take the cruise that goes all around England, Scotland etc. and eventually ends up in St. Petersburg.

Cruises are really a bargain right now - and there are lots of good deals to be had.

Good luck -

theluckiestmrs said...

I've been on 3 cruises...all with Royal Caribbean, and ALL wonderful! ;) They treat you like royalty, and if the destinations are places you'd like to visit, it's a wonderful experience!!! I'd definitely say to try one out. Next on my list is a Mediterranean cruise! :)

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