Blogging for BLISS!

Oh, hello there! Welcome to my little nook in this bloggy world!

Today is ArtsyMama’s Blogging For Bliss Blog Party to celebrate Tara Frey’s new book Blogging For Bliss!

Artsymama has asked us to share how our blogs came to be and what it means to us...

I love decorating and making my home feel comfy cozy and I accidently ran into a blog that caught my attention..... Warm Pie, Happy Home ! After looking through her blog for hours {and hours and hours} I was hooked! Ruthie inspired me in so many ways!

I started my blog not knowing what I was going to do with it {still don't really}. It's just a bunch of randomness... but it's my randomness and it's fun having this sweet escape!

There's so much creativity, beauty, love and support from all over the world! I have made some really great friends in here and I truly hope to keep making them!!! Genuine friends are hard to find!

Thank you for stopping by... please come back anytime!

God bless you! xo.


Gypsy Mermaid said...

Hey chickadee!!
Isnt it funny what blogging opens up in your life! I hope your home is comfy and inspirational to alot of ladies!! big hugs


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Great post! You are right, it's surprising but through blogging you can make some great friends. Hope you have a happy day!
xo Lidy

Shannon said...

That is how I started too.....I was inspired by another blog and just wanted to have fun. :)

Rhondi said...

Blogging has enriched all of our lives so muchhasn't it? Thanks for stopping by so I could visit you too!
hugs, Rhondi

swell.life said...

Not just randomness..It is you and it is beautiful! So glad to meet you and discover your inspiring piece of the internet. Keep it up!

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