my purse story

it resembles a rooftop but my husband said a bird. men.

okay. so here is my purse story. in May i bought a purse that i thought i liked... but it turned out that i didnt really like it as much as i thought. so, by the time i got back home from a trip and wanted to return it i couldnt find the receipt anywhere! i kind of put it off... in hope that it would turn up but it never really did.

then online i found a new purse {at the same store} that i REALLY wanted and got the great idea, "i can just take my purse back and exchange for the new purse since i can't find the receipt"! brilliant! ...but when i called, they said my purse was now on sale for $40 when it was originally $88. i didn't want to do that when i knew i had the receipt some where! i looked everywhere for 3 days straight and couldnt find it.

just being curious... i acted as if i was going to buy the purse online so i could see how soon i would get it and what the whole total would be. well, after doing that, it showed that it was on back order for 2 months!!! i didnt like that idea at all because i wanted it now {of course}.

so, i called up the two stores in my area. one of them didnt have anymore but the other one said she had 2 left. i thought.. "i gotta find that receipt because i have to go get this purse now!!!"

after searching and searching and searching, i said a prayer and guess what? God is good. i literally found the receipt within 30 seconds!!!! and... just a side note: what is so interesting to me is: EVERY SINGLE TIME i lose something and i pray, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS find it... ALWAYS. but why didnt i pray sooner!!!! like 3 days sooner.

i grabbed that receipt and rushed {with a smile} to the store. i looked everywhere for my purse but couldnt find it. then i got the idea that maybe the girl looked up the wrong bag. i was hoping she found the right purse because what if i came all the way here for nothing. then, out of the corner of my eye, i saw the 2 purses that they had left laying on their counter. it was a happy moment.

the purse was a lot bigger in person that i thought so i didnt know if i was going to like it but i LOOOVE it!!!

the exchange didnt pay for the whole thing because my new purse was more but it payed a good chunk so it all worked out well.

so, here's my purse. love it or hate it. it's not something you would see every day which is why i like it. i don't like buying things that you see everywhere.


Karli @ RockyBella said...

thats cute! No wonder you went through so much trouble to track it down!

the undomesticated wife said...

Is this the new one? Cute!! What does the "old" one look like?

Anonymous said...




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