my {next} home project!

I was inspired by this picture....

Isn't it pretty!!!

I thought that maybe I could do this with some of my vintage hankies.

Ya.... they look a little messy. Sorry about that! I really adore my collection of hankies. So, I have some issues. How am I going to use them without hurting them? I don't want to cute them nor glue them! I was thinking I could pin them??? What do you think? I don't like the idea of putting small holes in them either though! Do you know of a strong tape that is used for fabric?

I have some hoops, just want to get a few more.... and I need to figure out what wall I want to display them on. After all is done and finished, I'll show you how it all comes out!


A-M said...

What a fantastic idea! Don't be afraid to cut them as the hoop is going to be permanent right? Just think how lovely it will be to see them displayed and not tucked away anymore! A-M xx

b. said...

thank you.. thats what i told my grandma.. its going to be a great way to display them!!! thanks for the comment!

Robin and Stephen said...

No, I haven't really been able to find too many bloggers from So. Cal. I was very excited when I saw your comment this morning and that you were in Anaheim Hills. If you would like send me an email and we can chat that way. Robin_d31@hotmail.com

Oh and the commercial will make you laugh. It isn't obvious as to what they are selling at first and then it's like, oh my goodness! Hopefully you will see it!

the undomesticated wife said...

Cute idea, I think the hankies will be great!

I think the reason I couldn't see your blog in my reader was because you changed the name from ohcali to betterthancandy. ha!

Lullaby and Goodnight said...

Look at all those hoops!!! I'm working on a project for my daughter's room and went to the craft store to buy some this morning and they were completely sold out! I was SO mad.

Courtney said...

love this idea! I use to play with all my Mom's hoops when I was younger...and even sewed a few projects. Dying to know if Mom still has them!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

They will look great! I guess you could just use a hoop a bit smaller than the hankie maybe? Or perhaps frame them? If they were under a matte they would be solidly in there without the need to be tacked in?

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