My wedding in Italy

It's Friday again... that means it's time to Show YOU My Life!

I'm from Ohio, he's from California. When trying to figure out where to have the wedding and how to get everyone from here to there or from there to here, we found a GREAT solution! We decided to get married in Italy. Alone. Just an intimate ceremony between us! It was amazing and beautiful! I wish I had more pictures to show you but this is all I have own my computer at the moment... enjoy!

Florence, Italy

We stayed at the beautiful Villa San Michele
Formerly a 15th-century Franciscan monastery, the Villa San Michele is surrounded by its own gardens and woodland on the Fiesole hills. The present aspect of the building, with its fa├žade attributed to Michelangelo and the imposing lateral Loggia looking towards Florence, dates from the year 1600, when the monastery was enlarged and completely renovated at the expense of Giovanni di Bartolomeo Davanzati.

We had our own private garden off of our suite and we got married there!


MY current WISH list

bikini: ordered and on its way to me now....




bag: got it today!! love, love, love it! 08.02.09



{pretty} PLEASE go vote!

My very sweet friend is trying to get on the Ellen show and she needs your vote!
Please sign in on YouTube and give them 5 stars and a postive comment if you have some time! Thank you so much!! xo.


Dog Poop!

How do you feel about people letting their dogs poop/pee in your yard?
Keep in mind that I'm talking about people that DO clean up the poop afterwards.

Honest opinions please. :o)


Home Sweet Home

The best part of this picture.. is the little surprise in the window!

Want to tour some yards.. Visit Kelly for lots of links!

i heart ornaments!

Ornaments are one of the many things that I collect and I've found some really cute ones that I would love to share with you!

I've been A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D. to Etsy lately. I can't get away. I love all the creativity and uniqueness of everything and so far everyone on there has been super nice and helpful too!

I'll show you some of my purchases in the next few posts! Today I'll show you some of my puppy finds.

I have lots of doggie Christmas ornaments and my sweet friend gave me a GREAT idea so I'm gonna copy. She does a Christmas tree dedicated to all and only dog Christmas ornaments. How cute!!!!

I have sooo many cute ornaments, I can't wait!

I have been buying some {personalized} ornaments lately on Etsy for my tree.

Take a peek.

Who does this look like? Yep, it's my Carm-cakes!

Made for me by: Moonikins

Made for me by: SugarAndSpice

Made for me by: Tumus

If you buy anything from these girls, please let them know that I sent you!

I have more doggie ornaments on the way, I'll post them here once I get them!
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