I miss it in here!

I have sooo much catching up to do in here! I went out of town for a week and now I'm just trying to get back on my usual routine of things. It's not easy.

Since getting back from visiting family and friends, I'm back to my yard work. Not sure if I mentioned it before or not but any free time I have, you can find me in my yard and 100% of the time I'm working my little heart out!

I must say, I am very proud at my hard work! I'm taking pictures of my progress, so down the road I will post {Before} and {After} shots!

I decided that I will finally give you one sneak peek though. I don't have any {After} shots just yet since I'm not done. But, I'll show you a few pictures of one area so you can get a little peek-a-roo! But.... not until tomorrow! So, come back!

On to other things! I haven't been to Home Goods in about a month. I never go this long without stopping in there! I finally went today! I got some goods for my nest! It was fun! I spent 3 hours... Yes, 3! I went down every aisle and took my sweet time. That's really the only way to shop there!

Sometimes I go there and find nothing and sometimes I go there and find so much! Today I found so much. So much that I had to put some things back because I was over doing it a bit.

I'll show you a couple things and then I need to go snoop around some other blogs for a bit!

I found these very simple white dishes. They actually don't look that great in the picture but in person, they are quite adorable. I got 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates and 4 bowls.

I already have some fun birthday mugs and dishes but I couldn't pass these babies up when I came across them, especially when I just saw the same ones at Hallmark just the other day! I really wanted them but Hallmark is too expensive! I'm hoping Home Goods gets more of the set! You just never know!

One of my favorite finds of the day was a pillow of all things. They had two left and I only bought one. After getting home, I was upset that I didn't just buy both of them. I'm going back tomorrow to see if they still have it and if they do, I'm bringing it home where it belongs. I'll show it soon in a future post.

Until tomorrow... sweet dreams!

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