I don't like dogs or anything...

I just LOVE, ADORE and CHERISH them to pieces. I have them all over my house.... look and see!

I mentioned in THIS post about a pillow that I recently found. I fell so in love with it that I had to race back to the store the next day to get a second one!

This is a dog that I had my eye on every time I went into Home Goods. I wanted it soooooo bad but it was seventy dollars. Yes, seventy... I'm not lying. It was there every time that I went in! Obviously others felt the same way about the price.

As other Home Goods shoppers know... nothing lasts long at Home Goods. If you want something you gotta take it now because it won't stay long in the store.

Anyway, I was just hoping that one day they would get the point and realize that no one was going to buy it and that they would finally decide to put it in their sale aisle. I was also hoping this would just happen to be the same day that I would come in and then {finally} take my little guy home.

Well, that kind of happened but not really. The little guy finally made it to the sale aisle but he still remained too expensive. He was now going for fifity dollars. Yes, I loved him but I wasn't going to pay more than twenty. I was bummed. Every time I went in I would pick him up and admire him and then put him back on his shelf.

One day at another Home Goods (yes, I used to be VERY addicted to the store) guess what I spotted? My little dog sitting on a shelf all by himself. I flipped him over and looked at his price tag. He was $14.99! I didn't do a double take, I did about three tripple takes. I was soooo excited!

I got my little dog and he stands proudly in my living room!

My kissing salt and pepper shakers.

My little Carmen look alike that sits on my closet shelf.

Every year for our wedding anniversay, my husband and I go to Color Me Mine and we each decorate a dinner plate. This year was our fourth anniversary and we honored our plates to our dear dog Carmen who we lost to Cancer on October 21, 2008.

My Carmy's grave.

My sweet babies!


the undomesticated wife said...

I don't know why, but your posts aren't showing up in my reader! :(

Love the pillow and the dog! 14.99 is way better than 70! ;)

I also love your other dog items. I have some as well, but yours are much cuter! Did you make the silhouettes yourself? If so, can you share your secret? I'd love to do some of my dogs.

Cathy said...

I have had some "sweet babies" too. My daughter is crazy over dog things too. And she really grieves after losing one of theirs.

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