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Do you have a lipstick that you can't live without?

I have always been a lipgloss girl but I want to find a good lipstick that I really love. It's hard finding a good color. I always feel like a clown when I wear it.

So... if you don't mind, what's your fave lipstick and color?

Oh, and are you one of those girls that use a stencil? Don't worry I won't tell.

Check out The Red Lipstick Kiss Painting.... it's GEORGEOUS!

Also, please take my LIP poll to the right! xo.


KarenB said...

I noticed that you are following my blog and wanted you to know it's REALLY appreciated! Yes, I have a favorite lipstick. It's Provocative by Lancome. It's kind of sheer and shiny, but with lots of color. Love it. My favorites always get discontinued and then I have to find a new one. I bought two last time. ;-)

{ L } said...

I used to love Mauve Crystal by Clinique...but that was years ago before I converted to lipGLOSS.

AmyK said...

My FAVORITE lipstick is Estee Lauder in Cafe Latte; it's a subtle color on me, so it works. Problem is that it isn't very long-lasting...

But when I want to go bold or long-lasting, I stick with Covergirl Outlast; I have two shades of red that I use most often, one of which is WAYYY red (called Ever Red-dy), and the other is Eternal Flame.

I like lipstick =]

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