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I moved to California from Ohio 4 years ago and as embarrassing as it is, I haven't been back to my hometown in 3 years! Now, that doesn't mean family and friends haven't been out to the west coast to see me but still.... 3 years!

So! I'm finally heading to the midwest! I'm going to be so busy when I'm there, so many people to see and everyone is fighting for my time. It's funny how everyone expects me to spend my whole week with them. They aren't thinking about all my other family and all my friends that I grew up with and miss too! And, if I hear one more time that I should be staying 2 weeks rather than 1 week, I may cancel my trip. I already threatended this and it did shut some fam up. LOL!

This will be my third time back home since I moved out to California and I must say that the only thing that works for me is to set up my schedule for my time back home before I actually get there. It's the only way it can work!

My CRAZY scheldule:

Friday, May 29th
PM- Arrive in Cleveland @ 6:14 PM, stay at Molly's. *She doesn't know that I'm even coming in town. Her boyfriend is telling her that they need to go pick up his friend at the airport but it will really be me. She is turning 30 and her mom thought it would be a great surprise for her if I came home for her surprise birthday lunch. I was hoping to go home this summer any way so it worked out well.

Saturday, May 30th
AM- Head down to Akron with Molly...
MID- for her surprise Birthday Lunch!
PM- Dinner with my grandma & dad. 6-11 PM
LATE PM- Out with friends in the Valley. Later, go to my mom's & stay the night.

Sunday, May 31st
AM- Spend morning and...
MID- afternoon with my mom until 6 PM. Go to Victors and Dede's. Order pizza from Galluchs!
PM- Go to my grandma's and stay the night.

Monday, June 1st
AM- Spend morning and
MID- afternoon with my grandma until 5 pm.
PM- Dinner at Luigis with my mom and brother.
LATE PM- Spend time with fam and stay at my moms.

Tuesday, June 2nd
AM- Spend time with mom.
MID- Lunch with other grandma, mom & aunt at Luigis.
PM- Family Dinner at Paninis!
Late PM- Go to Jami's house and spend night with her.

Wednesday, June 3rd
AM- Spend morning and
MID- afternoon with Jami. Whitehouse for lunch.
PM- Dinner with my grandma and dad.
LATE PM- Stop by my mom's work to say goodbye. Go to Luigis with Gina and stay night with Gina!

Thursday, June 4th
AM- Spending morning and
MID- afternoon with Gina.
PM- Home sweet Home in Cali.

One thing that I can't wait to do is hit up all my all time favorite and most missed restaurants that I grew up on!!!!

Luigis. My all time most fave restaurant and for those who know I'm a night owl... I love, love, love that they are open until 4 AM! I used to go here on average 4 times a week back in the day! I'm not exaggerating. Best bread! Best salad! Best baked lasagna! Best spaghetti with meat sauce! Best coke! I can't wait!

Paninis The very BEST overstuffed turkey sandwich ever! I lived on these in my college days!

Whitehouse Chicken! Yummy chicken, Yummy fries, Yummy colelsaw, Yummy bread!

Guluchs and Rendino's pizza! I love pizza and these are my two most fave places to get it!

I grew up on these places and I still can't find anything like them here in Cali. Some things are just not the same!

I'm really looking forward to this trip! I will be sure to post pics and tell you all about it once I get back!

PS!!!!! If you happen to be one of my facebook friends, PLEASE DO NOT mention this trip at all! Thanks! xo.


Rita said...

Is that Roma? My husband took a photo of me in the same spot last August. I suggest a solder charm 1"x1" of that photo for you to go on a necklace and one for him for his key chain. Buonasera Rita

{ L } said...

Fun, fun! How exciting to surprise your friend!! :D It looks like you have a full schedule. I completely know what you mean about wanting to go back to favorite restaurants. I have a handful of those hometown restaurants that I haven't had in years. :(

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