just because

so i wanted to share with you a fun and cheap little find that i came across yesterday. and, im the type that loves to share, share, share when i find something that i like, like, like.

i was at pier 1 {which i dont go to often, but i was looking for something in particular, which i didn't find} BUT i did come across something cute and what i think is so anthro {which i love} BUT not the anthro prices {which i also love}.

what can you get at anthro for $9.95? seriously? tell me. i would like to know!

okay. i found these cutsey measuring cups! only $9.95. and, MUCH cuter in person that in the pic.

Couteous of Facebook: Here are some tidbits about me...

I Am

I Want
a hug

I Have
a craving for a cupcake

I Wish
for answered prayers

I Hate
arrogance and pride

I Fear
something but i'd rather not say

I Hear
the birds chirping and i love it

I Search
and sometimes find exactly what i'm looking for

I Wonder
about mysterious things

I Regret
when i did that one thing

I Love
Jesus and probably you too

I Ache
too much

I Always
have hope and faith

I Usually
sleep very light and have lots of dreams

I Am Not

I Dance
with my dogs

I Sing
for Chris sometimes {and he likes it}

I Never

I Rarely
drive without my seatbealt

I Cry
for my Carmen and miss him more than words can say

I Am Not Always
right, i do know this

I Lose
touch with people that i love

I'm Confused
and tired

I Need
a nap

I Should
go do my "to do list"

I Dream
probably too much


Sara Christine said...

What unique measuring cups! At first I thought they were mugs, which makes them even cuter. And from Pier 1! Who knew!

the undomesticated wife said...

Very cute measuring cups! Love them!

Very cool list. I like that. I'm sorry you're still missing Carmen. But I know how you feel. It's so hard. :( ((hugs))

Carolyn said...

okay, you are the sweetest of all!

thank you so much for all your nice comments...

-the shower i threw was a blast. I've done a few other events and a couple weddings...(before i blogged, so i never posted, but maybe i will try and get around to it) it is quite a process to say the least but such a rush. If you need some more ideas for your party you should check out "most likely late" on my sidebar. She throws parties just for fun, and is amazing! she also cooks for them, which is waaaaay over my head. Plus she is adorable!

-our last name is "Dike" hence the random note by my daughter

I am so glad to have found YOUR blog too. Thanks again for making my day! you are a shining star!!

*my heart goes out to yours for your sweet pup, time heals...

A "cheery" disposition said...

Love peir one! Just bought a rug there today actually.

{ L } said...

I liked this little list about you! <3

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