Home Sweet Home

I'm thrilled to finlly go back home where I grew up and visit my family and friends! I moved out to Cali over 4 years ago and I haven't been back to Ohio in 3 years! Please pray for my flights and my peace of mind. I worry about the safety of my babies {doggies} while I'm away! Thank you! xo. I'll be back June 4th!


Sarah said...

Hi there! The Tori Spelling book is okay, not the best book but it's an easy read! Safe trip home!! : )

~Pam~ said...

Hope you are having a nice trip back to Ohio! I live in Michigan, close to Toledo, Ohio. I am praying for you. Take care and God bless!


The Socialite said...

hope you have tons of fun! take plenty of pictures! ;)

the undomesticated wife said...

Enjoy your visit!

In Light of the Truth... said...

How you doing, girl? Update me! Hope you had a good visit back home and safe travels to and fro and that your babies back home were just fine!

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