him and me

It's quite sweet. We were in the courting stages but little did I know he was 5 days away from proposing to me.

5 days before he proposed was December 26, 2004. I was in Ohio and he was in California.

He came up with 11 questions. We both answered them and then emailed our answers to each other at the exact same time.

Here are the questions and our answers word for word:

1. Pick your 3 favorite thoughts you have about us and put them in order.

Him: 1. Getting married 2. Wedding night 3. Waking up and seeing you there

Me: 3 favorite thoughts about us... growing old together and being even more in love later in life then we are now, getting married and being only yours and having our own family.

2. Pick 3 things that we have done, either together, on the phone, or through email that are your favorite moments.

Him: I can't really pick only 3, and I can't put them in order! But here are some: 1) The first time I saw you, 2) cuddling all night and 3) having breakfast with you.

Me: 3 favorite moments... when you read me your journal entry from November 24th, when you told me that you wanted to tell me you loved me but didn't, when we cuddled for the first time. I also enjoy our questions and our secrets. I love sharing french toast. I love talking about our future and our childrens names. I love being kissed by you. I love when you read to me. I love when you stay on the phone even when you're tired. I love how you always respond back to my emails first chance you get. I love how it feels to be with you when we're in public, I feel like no one else matters and we're in our own world. I also love very much how through this whole process we have always been side by side with our feelings.

3. What can we do to make this relationship even better?

Him: Can it get better??? If I have to pick something, I would say that we should read the bible together more. We are off to a good start with Phillipians! That was a good suggestion by you.

Me: What can we do to make our relationship even better... I think that being married would make it wonderful. Of course that will be a brand new chapter and a lot of adapting but I think it will be beautiful in so many ways, especially just learning about each other when it comes to those new aspects. And the fact that we will start growing and working together in so many new ways. So, overall living in the same state (lol) and also just focusing on the Lord and being consistent in our prayer. Also, learning to pray together and being active in the Word together and going to church together and serving Him. And after God, putting each other before ourselves at all times.

4. What 3 things would you be pleased to know that I learned or will learn about you?

Him: That I have a good heart that loves God, 2. That I have a good heart that loves you, 3. That I know how amazing you are and am grateful for you.

Me: 3 things that I am pleased you have or will learn about me... that I adore and love you so much. That I look forward to doing so many things with you and living our lives to the fullest. I just want to experience everything with you... and I can't imagine my life with anyone else for even a second. I think I would rather be single the rest of my life if I couldn't be with you.

5. Would you rather wait 5 months and a have a humble wedding or wait 1 year and have a very nice wedding?

Him: 5 months

Me: Our wedding is about us and I would rather have it in a cold, grey court house than wait a certain amount of time just to make it appear nicer. Besides, what is your definition of a very nice wedding? I think people can have nice weddings and not plan for a year. A very nice wedding in my opinion is having our focus on our love and our future and what it means to us, not how pretty we can make it. I would rather have an intimate wedding than a huge wedding that we can show off to the world.

6. What is your biggest hope about our future?

Him: Marriage

Me: Biggest hope... more than anything, I just want to make you feel happy and loved.

7. What's your biggest fear about our future?

Him: I don't have any fears about our future. I am confident. As long as we keep God at the center and keep good communication nothing will be a problem.

Me: Biggest fear... that you are or will get "cold feet".

8. Are you worried or embarrased at how fast this thing is moving?

Him: Not worried at all. Very much at peace with it. Other people are surprised but they just don't know. The ones that who understand know because they have been through it too.

Me: I am not worried or embarrassed at how fast things have gone. I love it, it's ours and I wouldn't want it any other way. I don't feel like we have had any control over the matter and that is what makes it so special and beautiful to me.

9. How do you know your feelings for me won't go away?

Him: They won't!

Me: My feelings for you won't go away. I know that I love you and I trust how I feel. I have never felt this way, not even close and the second that I did, I knew that this was real. And the way I feel about you only grows so much every day. I prayed for you, why would my feelings ever change. Even my grandma told me yesterday that the way I talk about you surprises her because she has always known me to be very level headed and to make wise decisions, and although she has never seen me jump to a conclusion so fast, she has a sense of trust in me. All of my family does and to me that says something too. The way I feel and the way the Lord makes me feel regarding this, tells me that I love you and I know that I will never stop.

10. Will you be OK with me working a lot on my side project to get it started?

Me: I think that I'm very understanding and I know that I will always support you no matter what. I don't doubt the way you feel about me and I trust your judgment, your decision making and what you need to do.

11. Do you know how much I love you?

Him: Imagine how much you love me, but more :)

Me: I know that you do and I love it more than anything. But, do you know how much I do? The last thing I ever want you to do is doubt how I feel about you.

Its ironic how I stumbled upon this email. It's was very odd how it happened because it was in a place I wouldn't expect it to be and I don't know what made me pick it up to see what it was. But I came across it the day I posted this. After finding this email, I came up with a VERY thoughtful and creative anniversary idea!


the undomesticated wife said...

So what's the idea?! :)

I think it's super cool you still have that email. I bet your idea revolves around that, doesn't it?!

The Socialite said...

What a sweet post! I LOVED your wedding picture you two look lovely! :) So I'm dying to know the wonderful idea?! ;)

Cali Girl said...

I'll post about it on Thursday! :)

Christina said...

Amazing! I can't wait for God to bring my husband to me! Until then... I will wait and dream. =]

Lauren Kelly said...

Awwww, how sweet! LOVE This!!! :)

Claire said...

So sweet!

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