Fun Facts!

Courteous of Facebook again... More random facts about me!

Tell me about the last dream that you remember having?
I have too many and they are so very weird and vivid!

Best hangover cure?
Don't get drunk!

Favorite snack food?
Lucern's ice cream drumsticks!

Current location?
Home Sweet Home!

Most missed memory?
Everything regarding my CARMcakes! xo.

First thought when waking up?
What time is it?

Fav movie quote?
I don't remember but one of my fave fave fave movies scenes is the VERY end of "Wicker Park" .. have you seen it?

Most annoying things?
People who... don't wash their hands, chew loud, talk about themselves a lot, treat others how they wouldn't want to be treated, jump to assumptions, talk bad about others, drive under the speed limit, don't like dogs, guys who wont kill spiders, jean shopping, rude waitresses, scraping your teeth against your silverware, negative attitudes and people who think they are ALWAYS right!

Role model?
Jesus, Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Giada De Laurentiis.

When I grow up I want?
I want some babies!

Biggest fears?
Not important!

Shoes you wore today?

Fav drink?
sweeeeeeet tea!

Biggest weaknesses?
reality tv, junk food, dogs, room service, a good massage!

Generally, in life, what makes you happy?
The good Lord! Genuine, loving people! Dogs! Pretty things! French toast!

How well do you handle critiscm?
Depends on my mood but I can take it well if I'm asking for it!

Do you find that full figured woman can be equally as attractive as skinnier woman?
YES, some!

What would your friends be suprised to know about you?
I don't like to shop, I enjoy seeing movies alone, I have a phone phobia.

Sniff. What can you smell?
the outdoors.... the window is open and the breeze is coming through!

Would you ever get plastic surgury? and on what?
Not for vanity reasons.

Biggest piece of gossip you heard recently?
Say NO to Gossip! :o)

Worried about anything?
sadly, yes.

Last thing you bought?

Name three things you are truly thankful for?
dvr, blogger and answered prayers!

Three things you are looking forward to?
a good movie, homecomings, the giant roots taken out of the back yard!

Are you reading anything atm?

Last time you exercised?
Last week.

Craving anything right now?
Sweet Tea


You Are My Fave said...

I like how you said when you grow up you want babies. Agreed, agreed. But will I ever feel grown up?

The Socialite said...

Great survey. You are a very genuine person, your answers kicked butt! ;)

Meg Fee said...

oh man, biggest fears: not important. wow. oh wow. that rocked my world. that might just become my new working mantra!!

have a lovely said...

hello ma'am! so nice to meet you and what a perfect post for my first time over to your blog! a girl after my own heart...and you love yourself some sweet tea too! where is your favorite? mine is chick-fil-a with lemon...delish!

thank you so much for the warm baby congrats and your so very sweet compliments...its funny that you like my style in clothes...i have always been the interior designer and my sis the fashion designer...now she has cute style!! i get my clothes a bit of everywhere...my sister's closet {literally!...much easier than shopping for myself}, gap, target online {lots there thats not in the stores}, my favorite would be forever 21, and you can always find a unique top at marshalls...you just have to be willing to dig {which i am not always!} oh...and accessories are my favorite part...a good necklace makes any outfit...vintage, boutiques, forever21, sam moon {they have an online store sammoon.com that i've used once} ...a lot of there stuff breaks easily so you have to be picky when buying from there.

goodness...i've written you a novel! so sorry! :)

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