astrology vs astronomy

What do you know of the subjects? What are your thoughts and opinions?

To be honest, it has always been a touchy subject for me, but at the same time, a very fascinating subject to me!

I used to be a very legalistic Christian and was VERY against *horoscopes* and felt that they weren't of the Lord. Let me be clear, I still don't believe in futune telling and horoscopes in the sense that they are there to tell us what to do.

BUT, I do think there could be some truth to the different zodiac signs and how they came about. My sign couldn't be any more perfect for me. It is VERY bizarre and I wonder how this could be. I'm not talking about the very vague find your horoscope in a magazine type. I'm talking the lengthy, very detailed decription of each zodiac sign. When I read my sign, it is like a perfect map of me.

To be honest, I have only researched astrology and the bible very little but it is a huge interest of mine. I don't even know what I think or believe exactly when it comes to the whole deal but I do see it differently than I used to.

I am intrigued by it all and wonder about astronomy, not so much astrology. There has to be something to how the stars line up at the very moment we each came into this world. Just look up. There is a very big universe out there. A lot going on that we don't know about, probably a lot that we couldn't even comprehend if we wanted to.

When He brought us into this world, at that very specific moment in time... that was chosen just for us by our God. That exact moment at 9:08 PM on March 19, 1979 was mine. There are countless times, days, months, years, centuries that He could have chosen for me to come into this vast world but he chose this one and there is something special about that.

Just to make it clear...
I am a Christian. I love Jesus more than anything. I believe I should go to Him for everything, I don't need or believe in a horoscope to tell me what to do.

Thank you for listening to my rant. If you have anything to add to this, please share! I'm interested in what others know about astronomy and the stars and things in that nature.

God bless! xo.

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