Home Sweet Home

I'm thrilled to finlly go back home where I grew up and visit my family and friends! I moved out to Cali over 4 years ago and I haven't been back to Ohio in 3 years! Please pray for my flights and my peace of mind. I worry about the safety of my babies {doggies} while I'm away! Thank you! xo. I'll be back June 4th!



Miracles happen often I believe but they don't get recognized probably as much as they should. If you have any miracle stories/answered prayers that have happened to you or someone you know... please post them here. I would love to hear about them. I'm sure they are very uplifting. Thank you!

I love you!

I feel a comfort that I didn't have before and I am also back in the Word. Thank you sooo very much for your support and prayer. You really have no idea how much I need it and appreciate it. As answered prayer happens, I will be sure to share it with you! God bless each of you and many blessing too!!! xoxo.

Thank you for the scripture... I love it!

Psalm 27:14 "Wait on the Lord--be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord!"

Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him."



im in awe of all of you. thank you with all of my heart. more soon... xo.



He can make a way where there is no way.

Do you know where I can find this in the Bible besides in Isaiah?


I can't do it without YOU! xo.

Sharon B.

And any others who are doing it in private!

I posted about my need for support and prayer and these loving women opened their hearts, time and prayer up to me. I know prayer works and I know the Lord is close by. I believe in miracles and I know we will see a miracle.

Sisters, thank you!

If you would like to pray for me too, it would mean more to me than you will ever know, ever! The Lord hears us all and you can do it privately or post HERE! Thank you and God bless you!

Scriptures from you that are helping me...

Psalm 30:5
For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime! Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.

Psalm 46:10
Be still, and know that I am God!

Jeremiah 29:11.
For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope.

Isaiah 41:10
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


To: My Sisters in Christ

I desperately need you right now! I am going through something truly devasting, something that I can't share with many people and I really need your open hearts and genuine prayers!

Ephesians 6:18
At all times, pray by the power of the Spirit. Pray all kinds of prayers. Be watchful, so that you can pray. Always keep on praying for all of God's people.

Sadly, I have been far away from my precious Lord but I need Him more than anything and I hate when I am so far away. He has patiently been waiting for me to come to Him again.

I know that prayer is powerful and I know the Lord listens and I know this is what I need to do. I not only need to do this but I want to so badly.

I need your help though. Can I count on you to pray for me and a very serious situation that I'm going through? I know that I can't do it without you. I need all the support and prayer that I can get. I would truly, truly appreciate it!

I'm going through something that will truly take a MIRACLE to change it but I believe in miracles. Do you?

Philippians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

If you would like to be part of a Prayer Chain let me know and I'll organize it. We all need prayer and we all need support and sisterly love.

P Praise
R Repent
A Ask
Y Yield

1 Thessalonians 5:17
Pray without ceasing


{my faves} some give me chills

Alice Peacock. Specifically, Might As Well Have Fun While You're At It.
"At the end of the day can you honestly say, That you're living your life to the limit? Are you smelling the flowers and spending the hours, Thankful for every minute? A wise woman said "don't forget to have fun", This is prime-time baby not a re-run. You never know when you're gonna' go, So you might as well have fun while you're at it." You can listen to the song on the link above. I highly recommend it.

pucker up

Do you have a lipstick that you can't live without?

I have always been a lipgloss girl but I want to find a good lipstick that I really love. It's hard finding a good color. I always feel like a clown when I wear it.

So... if you don't mind, what's your fave lipstick and color?

Oh, and are you one of those girls that use a stencil? Don't worry I won't tell.

Check out The Red Lipstick Kiss Painting.... it's GEORGEOUS!

Also, please take my LIP poll to the right! xo.


astrology vs astronomy

What do you know of the subjects? What are your thoughts and opinions?

To be honest, it has always been a touchy subject for me, but at the same time, a very fascinating subject to me!

I used to be a very legalistic Christian and was VERY against *horoscopes* and felt that they weren't of the Lord. Let me be clear, I still don't believe in futune telling and horoscopes in the sense that they are there to tell us what to do.

BUT, I do think there could be some truth to the different zodiac signs and how they came about. My sign couldn't be any more perfect for me. It is VERY bizarre and I wonder how this could be. I'm not talking about the very vague find your horoscope in a magazine type. I'm talking the lengthy, very detailed decription of each zodiac sign. When I read my sign, it is like a perfect map of me.

To be honest, I have only researched astrology and the bible very little but it is a huge interest of mine. I don't even know what I think or believe exactly when it comes to the whole deal but I do see it differently than I used to.

I am intrigued by it all and wonder about astronomy, not so much astrology. There has to be something to how the stars line up at the very moment we each came into this world. Just look up. There is a very big universe out there. A lot going on that we don't know about, probably a lot that we couldn't even comprehend if we wanted to.

When He brought us into this world, at that very specific moment in time... that was chosen just for us by our God. That exact moment at 9:08 PM on March 19, 1979 was mine. There are countless times, days, months, years, centuries that He could have chosen for me to come into this vast world but he chose this one and there is something special about that.

Just to make it clear...
I am a Christian. I love Jesus more than anything. I believe I should go to Him for everything, I don't need or believe in a horoscope to tell me what to do.

Thank you for listening to my rant. If you have anything to add to this, please share! I'm interested in what others know about astronomy and the stars and things in that nature.

God bless! xo.


Fun Facts!

Courteous of Facebook again... More random facts about me!

Tell me about the last dream that you remember having?
I have too many and they are so very weird and vivid!

Best hangover cure?
Don't get drunk!

Favorite snack food?
Lucern's ice cream drumsticks!

Current location?
Home Sweet Home!

Most missed memory?
Everything regarding my CARMcakes! xo.

First thought when waking up?
What time is it?

Fav movie quote?
I don't remember but one of my fave fave fave movies scenes is the VERY end of "Wicker Park" .. have you seen it?

Most annoying things?
People who... don't wash their hands, chew loud, talk about themselves a lot, treat others how they wouldn't want to be treated, jump to assumptions, talk bad about others, drive under the speed limit, don't like dogs, guys who wont kill spiders, jean shopping, rude waitresses, scraping your teeth against your silverware, negative attitudes and people who think they are ALWAYS right!

Role model?
Jesus, Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Giada De Laurentiis.

When I grow up I want?
I want some babies!

Biggest fears?
Not important!

Shoes you wore today?

Fav drink?
sweeeeeeet tea!

Biggest weaknesses?
reality tv, junk food, dogs, room service, a good massage!

Generally, in life, what makes you happy?
The good Lord! Genuine, loving people! Dogs! Pretty things! French toast!

How well do you handle critiscm?
Depends on my mood but I can take it well if I'm asking for it!

Do you find that full figured woman can be equally as attractive as skinnier woman?
YES, some!

What would your friends be suprised to know about you?
I don't like to shop, I enjoy seeing movies alone, I have a phone phobia.

Sniff. What can you smell?
the outdoors.... the window is open and the breeze is coming through!

Would you ever get plastic surgury? and on what?
Not for vanity reasons.

Biggest piece of gossip you heard recently?
Say NO to Gossip! :o)

Worried about anything?
sadly, yes.

Last thing you bought?

Name three things you are truly thankful for?
dvr, blogger and answered prayers!

Three things you are looking forward to?
a good movie, homecomings, the giant roots taken out of the back yard!

Are you reading anything atm?

Last time you exercised?
Last week.

Craving anything right now?
Sweet Tea

answered prayer

A few months ago I found a small bump on my dog Sadie that I know wasn't there before. I didn't like it because it was really hard and that usually isn't a good sign. Also, from everything that I went through with my baby Carm, it only made me think of the worst!

Over the last couple months, it continued to grow. I told my grandma about it and she said don't take her to the vet, just pray that the Lord will get rid of it. Have faith!

Well, 2 days ago I checked the bump and it was there like usual. The best way to explain how it felt was like a bb from a bb gun trapped under her skin.

Late last night before bed, I was checking it out as usual and it wasn't there. Not even a tiny bit. It had totally disappeared. A very pleasant surprise.

When I got up today the first thing I did was check it to make sure that it wasn't all a dream.

God is good.



This is my kitchen window. If you double click on it, you will see that it has a major issue. It looks like this 24/7. Do you have any suggestions on how to free it of all the moisture build up? It's trapped in between the glass.

i'm a mom too!

Happy Mother's Day to ME! Yep... ME! I'm a FABULOUS, LOVING, FUN and AlWAYS THERE mom to my furbabies. I love these babies like there's no tomorrow! Preston, Sadie and my VERY, VERY, VERY missed and never forgotten angel baby in heaven... Carmy {06.17.1997 to 10.21.2008}! And to all you other furbaby moms out there... Happy Mothers Day to you too!!!

I don't know what's in my future, but I know the good Lord knows how much I desire to have my own kiddies... hopefully soon! xo.


all the hype

Have you had a Sprinkles cupcake?

There are only a few locations but they are growing rapidly. The closest one to me was Beverly Hills but they just opened a new one in Newport Beach. Much, much closer!

There are a whole range of flavors.

Cost: $36 for a dozen. $3.25 for one. Pricey!

I have had a few tastes and they are good but I gotta be honest and say, I don't know about my favorite. I'm not a huge cream cheese frosting lover and they use that on a lot of them, inluding their famous red velvet cupcake. I love red velvet but I prefer it with a plain frosting.

Anyhoo, I decided to splurge a little and order a dozen Sprinkles for a party I'm having tomorrow night! I'll let ya know if they're a hit and I'll be trying more flavors so if I find some i'm lov'n or hat'n... you'll be sure to know!


Happy Anniversary!

To us! We're on 4 years now! I must admit, marriage is VERY challenging and I don't think there is anything that can prepare you for it! I know for a fact that the only way to keep it strong and loving is to keep the Lord as your foundation and main focus. If you can do that, you have something really special to cherish!

I made him a sweet book... I put so much time and thought into it, I'll try and take some pics of it soon.


just because

so i wanted to share with you a fun and cheap little find that i came across yesterday. and, im the type that loves to share, share, share when i find something that i like, like, like.

i was at pier 1 {which i dont go to often, but i was looking for something in particular, which i didn't find} BUT i did come across something cute and what i think is so anthro {which i love} BUT not the anthro prices {which i also love}.

what can you get at anthro for $9.95? seriously? tell me. i would like to know!

okay. i found these cutsey measuring cups! only $9.95. and, MUCH cuter in person that in the pic.

Couteous of Facebook: Here are some tidbits about me...

I Am

I Want
a hug

I Have
a craving for a cupcake

I Wish
for answered prayers

I Hate
arrogance and pride

I Fear
something but i'd rather not say

I Hear
the birds chirping and i love it

I Search
and sometimes find exactly what i'm looking for

I Wonder
about mysterious things

I Regret
when i did that one thing

I Love
Jesus and probably you too

I Ache
too much

I Always
have hope and faith

I Usually
sleep very light and have lots of dreams

I Am Not

I Dance
with my dogs

I Sing
for Chris sometimes {and he likes it}

I Never

I Rarely
drive without my seatbealt

I Cry
for my Carmen and miss him more than words can say

I Am Not Always
right, i do know this

I Lose
touch with people that i love

I'm Confused
and tired

I Need
a nap

I Should
go do my "to do list"

I Dream
probably too much


him and me

It's quite sweet. We were in the courting stages but little did I know he was 5 days away from proposing to me.

5 days before he proposed was December 26, 2004. I was in Ohio and he was in California.

He came up with 11 questions. We both answered them and then emailed our answers to each other at the exact same time.

Here are the questions and our answers word for word:

1. Pick your 3 favorite thoughts you have about us and put them in order.

Him: 1. Getting married 2. Wedding night 3. Waking up and seeing you there

Me: 3 favorite thoughts about us... growing old together and being even more in love later in life then we are now, getting married and being only yours and having our own family.

2. Pick 3 things that we have done, either together, on the phone, or through email that are your favorite moments.

Him: I can't really pick only 3, and I can't put them in order! But here are some: 1) The first time I saw you, 2) cuddling all night and 3) having breakfast with you.

Me: 3 favorite moments... when you read me your journal entry from November 24th, when you told me that you wanted to tell me you loved me but didn't, when we cuddled for the first time. I also enjoy our questions and our secrets. I love sharing french toast. I love talking about our future and our childrens names. I love being kissed by you. I love when you read to me. I love when you stay on the phone even when you're tired. I love how you always respond back to my emails first chance you get. I love how it feels to be with you when we're in public, I feel like no one else matters and we're in our own world. I also love very much how through this whole process we have always been side by side with our feelings.

3. What can we do to make this relationship even better?

Him: Can it get better??? If I have to pick something, I would say that we should read the bible together more. We are off to a good start with Phillipians! That was a good suggestion by you.

Me: What can we do to make our relationship even better... I think that being married would make it wonderful. Of course that will be a brand new chapter and a lot of adapting but I think it will be beautiful in so many ways, especially just learning about each other when it comes to those new aspects. And the fact that we will start growing and working together in so many new ways. So, overall living in the same state (lol) and also just focusing on the Lord and being consistent in our prayer. Also, learning to pray together and being active in the Word together and going to church together and serving Him. And after God, putting each other before ourselves at all times.

4. What 3 things would you be pleased to know that I learned or will learn about you?

Him: That I have a good heart that loves God, 2. That I have a good heart that loves you, 3. That I know how amazing you are and am grateful for you.

Me: 3 things that I am pleased you have or will learn about me... that I adore and love you so much. That I look forward to doing so many things with you and living our lives to the fullest. I just want to experience everything with you... and I can't imagine my life with anyone else for even a second. I think I would rather be single the rest of my life if I couldn't be with you.

5. Would you rather wait 5 months and a have a humble wedding or wait 1 year and have a very nice wedding?

Him: 5 months

Me: Our wedding is about us and I would rather have it in a cold, grey court house than wait a certain amount of time just to make it appear nicer. Besides, what is your definition of a very nice wedding? I think people can have nice weddings and not plan for a year. A very nice wedding in my opinion is having our focus on our love and our future and what it means to us, not how pretty we can make it. I would rather have an intimate wedding than a huge wedding that we can show off to the world.

6. What is your biggest hope about our future?

Him: Marriage

Me: Biggest hope... more than anything, I just want to make you feel happy and loved.

7. What's your biggest fear about our future?

Him: I don't have any fears about our future. I am confident. As long as we keep God at the center and keep good communication nothing will be a problem.

Me: Biggest fear... that you are or will get "cold feet".

8. Are you worried or embarrased at how fast this thing is moving?

Him: Not worried at all. Very much at peace with it. Other people are surprised but they just don't know. The ones that who understand know because they have been through it too.

Me: I am not worried or embarrassed at how fast things have gone. I love it, it's ours and I wouldn't want it any other way. I don't feel like we have had any control over the matter and that is what makes it so special and beautiful to me.

9. How do you know your feelings for me won't go away?

Him: They won't!

Me: My feelings for you won't go away. I know that I love you and I trust how I feel. I have never felt this way, not even close and the second that I did, I knew that this was real. And the way I feel about you only grows so much every day. I prayed for you, why would my feelings ever change. Even my grandma told me yesterday that the way I talk about you surprises her because she has always known me to be very level headed and to make wise decisions, and although she has never seen me jump to a conclusion so fast, she has a sense of trust in me. All of my family does and to me that says something too. The way I feel and the way the Lord makes me feel regarding this, tells me that I love you and I know that I will never stop.

10. Will you be OK with me working a lot on my side project to get it started?

Me: I think that I'm very understanding and I know that I will always support you no matter what. I don't doubt the way you feel about me and I trust your judgment, your decision making and what you need to do.

11. Do you know how much I love you?

Him: Imagine how much you love me, but more :)

Me: I know that you do and I love it more than anything. But, do you know how much I do? The last thing I ever want you to do is doubt how I feel about you.

Its ironic how I stumbled upon this email. It's was very odd how it happened because it was in a place I wouldn't expect it to be and I don't know what made me pick it up to see what it was. But I came across it the day I posted this. After finding this email, I came up with a VERY thoughtful and creative anniversary idea!


66 Drivers

People intrigue me! One of my favorite things to do is people watch, so when I stumbled upon this it made my night!

Andrew Bush took pictures of people while in their cars during the 80's and 90's. I just find this so fascinating and wish the list didn't stop at just 66. I think he has inspired me to start taking some of my own snapshots of people {in their own little worlds} as they're driving along! This is going to be fun, especially since people have always been so interesting to me. With that being said, let me share something with you...

I have a long time secret. One thing I have always done for as long as I can remember is wondering where others are on their way to as their cars drive along with me. And, as odd as this may seem, sometimes when I'm driving for long periods of time with another car and one of us finally turns off in another direction, I feel sad, knowing we just traveled together for a small moment in time and I will probably never see them again.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

These are all priceless! Seriously, how can this last one not make you smile... and don't forget to check out the guy in the background!



I was wondering if you could help me with some AnNiVeRsArY gifts ideas. Something that is more on the thoughtful and creative side rather than the pricey and extravagant side! Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas! xo.


midwest girl at heart

I moved to California from Ohio 4 years ago and as embarrassing as it is, I haven't been back to my hometown in 3 years! Now, that doesn't mean family and friends haven't been out to the west coast to see me but still.... 3 years!

So! I'm finally heading to the midwest! I'm going to be so busy when I'm there, so many people to see and everyone is fighting for my time. It's funny how everyone expects me to spend my whole week with them. They aren't thinking about all my other family and all my friends that I grew up with and miss too! And, if I hear one more time that I should be staying 2 weeks rather than 1 week, I may cancel my trip. I already threatended this and it did shut some fam up. LOL!

This will be my third time back home since I moved out to California and I must say that the only thing that works for me is to set up my schedule for my time back home before I actually get there. It's the only way it can work!

My CRAZY scheldule:

Friday, May 29th
PM- Arrive in Cleveland @ 6:14 PM, stay at Molly's. *She doesn't know that I'm even coming in town. Her boyfriend is telling her that they need to go pick up his friend at the airport but it will really be me. She is turning 30 and her mom thought it would be a great surprise for her if I came home for her surprise birthday lunch. I was hoping to go home this summer any way so it worked out well.

Saturday, May 30th
AM- Head down to Akron with Molly...
MID- for her surprise Birthday Lunch!
PM- Dinner with my grandma & dad. 6-11 PM
LATE PM- Out with friends in the Valley. Later, go to my mom's & stay the night.

Sunday, May 31st
AM- Spend morning and...
MID- afternoon with my mom until 6 PM. Go to Victors and Dede's. Order pizza from Galluchs!
PM- Go to my grandma's and stay the night.

Monday, June 1st
AM- Spend morning and
MID- afternoon with my grandma until 5 pm.
PM- Dinner at Luigis with my mom and brother.
LATE PM- Spend time with fam and stay at my moms.

Tuesday, June 2nd
AM- Spend time with mom.
MID- Lunch with other grandma, mom & aunt at Luigis.
PM- Family Dinner at Paninis!
Late PM- Go to Jami's house and spend night with her.

Wednesday, June 3rd
AM- Spend morning and
MID- afternoon with Jami. Whitehouse for lunch.
PM- Dinner with my grandma and dad.
LATE PM- Stop by my mom's work to say goodbye. Go to Luigis with Gina and stay night with Gina!

Thursday, June 4th
AM- Spending morning and
MID- afternoon with Gina.
PM- Home sweet Home in Cali.

One thing that I can't wait to do is hit up all my all time favorite and most missed restaurants that I grew up on!!!!

Luigis. My all time most fave restaurant and for those who know I'm a night owl... I love, love, love that they are open until 4 AM! I used to go here on average 4 times a week back in the day! I'm not exaggerating. Best bread! Best salad! Best baked lasagna! Best spaghetti with meat sauce! Best coke! I can't wait!

Paninis The very BEST overstuffed turkey sandwich ever! I lived on these in my college days!

Whitehouse Chicken! Yummy chicken, Yummy fries, Yummy colelsaw, Yummy bread!

Guluchs and Rendino's pizza! I love pizza and these are my two most fave places to get it!

I grew up on these places and I still can't find anything like them here in Cali. Some things are just not the same!

I'm really looking forward to this trip! I will be sure to post pics and tell you all about it once I get back!

PS!!!!! If you happen to be one of my facebook friends, PLEASE DO NOT mention this trip at all! Thanks! xo.

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