sad story

Remember my dear little hummingbirds? {here, here & here}. Well, the babies have grown and moved on. I am so blessed to have experienced this amazing beauty that our wonderful Lord has made!

The cute momma bird is one heck of a mom I must say! She really knows her stuff and puts her kiddies first! After her chicks left and were on their own, she kept coming back to her nest... fluffing it and making it cozy again. I was exciting because it seemed as though she was preparing for another batch.

I was right and I even got to watch her lay the eggs!

She layed tiny egg #1 on April 14th.

Here she is laying on it.

The next day she layed tiny egg #2.

I was so excited to be able to watch this whole process. I didn't get to see the first ones hatch. I think I found them when they were about 2 or 3 days old.

Here comes the sad news. On day #3... the eggs were gone. Something came in the night and snatched them and I am soooo heart broken. After this happened, momma bird hasn't been back at all since. I'm pretty sure she has abandoned her nest for good and moved on. I used to see her all of the time and now never. I hope whoever got her eggs didn't get her too!

I know these things happen, it's nature. What makes it more sad is that I think I provoked it. I put some bird seeds out for all the birds and I wasn't thinking because I put them too close to where the nest is. I invited and attracted all these new birds and who knows what else over when this whole time I had innocent little eggs right here. What was I thinking! It makes me so sad that this happened.

I miss my little birds.


the undomesticated wife said...

Aw, that's too bad! :( Like you said, I know it's nature, but I hate seeing animals eating other animals, etc. I just can't watch shows like that. One time, we had a snake on our patio (eeek!!!!) and I wanted it out of there so it wouldn't eat any of the other little critters.

I love that you have photos of the eggs and the one of her sitting on her nest!

charmaine said...

i'm so sorry Brandi. i do love the photos. humming birds are my favorite bird. i hope she comes back.

i have seen the original 70's version of "house on the left", it's a really good movie.

i need to lose about a good ten pounds. i'm 35 and it seems to take a little longer to come off. in my twenties, it would have taken me 2 weeks.

have a blessed earth day!

God Bless,

gigi said...

wow! do you know how lucky you are to have seen that? i was reading in a birdfeeding magazine (more like a mini mag, or thick brochure, you can buy them at home depot and stuff), anyway, that the 'private life" of hummingbirds is extremely rare to see in real life! i don't think your putting birdseed out by there did anything. i feed hummingbirds and birds, and squirrels (those not so much by choice, they steal the birdfood, so i've been trying to give them corn on the cobb instead but it's not really working...they just devour both) seriously need to do something about those squirrels. anyway, they all do just fine together. if another bird did do something to the eggs, my guess is, it would've done it regardless. maybe the mama will reappear next year. i'm sorry for you that it happened, i would be sad too.

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