Holy Inappropriateness

I'm soooo excited! Some friends and I are going to see Bethenny on Monday in Huntington Beach! She's having a book (Naturally Thin) signing in our neck of the woods and I can't wait!!! She is hilarious and my all time favorite housewife ever! I wish she would do stand up... I would be first in line! She is so witty and down to earth. Team Bethenny all the way! Anyone else a fan? If you are on Team Kelly we can't be friends... hehe.

Her Blog!

Her Web Site!


Fancy for nyc said...

she's down right outrageous! reminds me of that aunt everyone talks about and avoids direct contact with. love it.

charmaine said...

hey Brandi! i totally love Beth, the girl is hilarious. i just love her attitude. she's a strong woman and she's not afraid, i LOVE that about her. did you see that episode when she stood up to Kelly. i was so happy for her. Kelly is a serious trip. so yes, i'm a fan too.

Brandi, i wanted to ask you, have you seen the new show Harper's Island ? i am seriously addicted to this show. it started about two weeks ago. i thought it was going to be kind of boring, but girl let me tell you, i'm trying to figure out who is the killer. television has seriously made a big change because the killer scenes seem like they should be more for rated r than television. if you hadn't seen it, the show comes on well in 1 minute (10.00). if you can, check it out and let me know what you think

God Bless,

charmaine said...

i forgot to tell you, it comes on CBS channel 2.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Oh, you are SO lucky. She's my favorite of all the housewives and I'd love to go to one of her booksignings. I should check her website to see if she's ever coming to my neck of the woods.

2 Little Irish Boys said...

I love that she tells it like it is!! Go Bethany!

Simply Me said...

just found your blog and I love it!!
new follower! :)

La Donna Welter said...

Hi! : )

Brilliant Asylum said...

I love Bethenny and Jill--though it looks like they are going to duke it out on next week's episode. Hope they stay besties!

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