A bunch of goodness all bundled up!

When I first stumbled upon this world of blogging, I really had no idea what it was all about! I was just bored one day and decided to check it out. It's quite overwhelming at first, and I had no idea at the time what I was about to get myself into!

I'm still new to this wonderful little blog world but in my short time here so far, I have felt right at home. I am so inspired by all the beauty, creativity, friendship, love, support, kind words, encouragement, fun, great ideas and the list really never stops! It's just a bunch of goodness all bundled up! It's a great escape and my only regret is that I wish I would have found it sooner! I like it here! And, I like having my own little corner in this little blog world. Thank you for making me feel welcome!

One of the very first blogs I ever came across was, Warm Pie, Happy Home! Because of this blog, I was hooked right away!

There aren't enough words to describe how special this blog is to me! I love everything about it and Ruth Ann... she is one amazing woman who I admire so very much! Warm Pie, Happy Home has just been updated to a new blog and web site. You must check it out!!!! Come see Aunt Ruthie's Sugar Pie Farmhouse!

And... if you don't mind, I would love to know what your most favorite blog is! Do share!


theluckiestmrs said...

I just saw your comments on my 20 things post! So, I thought I'd write back & answer your questions! :)

1. Sweet tea. There's the bad-girl version with real sugar, and the good-girl version with splenda! Either way, I think it tastes great! First, put 2 or 3 lipton tea bags into a pot of water (just your average pot size...2 qts?) Let it come to a boil and steep until it's med/dark brown (about 4-5 minutes.) Put about 3/4 to 1 cup of sugar/splenda into a gallon sized pitcher. Pour the tea from the pot into the pitcher and mix around. You want it to still be hot so the sugar dissolves! Then, add cold water until the pitcher's full! Serve over ice! Yummy!

2. Teeth! I know brushing your teeth isn't necessarily the most fun thing of your day...sometimes a new toothbrush can do just the trick! I love my sonicare toothbrush, and while it's pretty pricey, it makes it more fun and you don't have to worry about how long to brush because it has a built in timer. As far as gum disease goes, if you brush and your gums bleed a little, you probably have gingivitis. Most people have some level of gingivitis. Flossing helps, and continually brushing your gums too. As far as periodontitis (bone loss around your teeth) goes, you may need xrays and a dentist to measure your "probing depths" or pockets around your teeth to determine that.

haha...we went from sugary sweet tea to gum disease in one comment! sorry this is so long! ;)

p.s. my favorite blogs=yours, Puttin' On The Grits, Kappa Prep, Sweet Sassy and Always Classy, The Prep-E Girl...etc. They're all so much fun!

Diana said...

Thanks for the link! i love finding out what fellow bloggers think of as inspiration. My inspiration to begin blogging? It was def my husbands, the clothes horse, and rockstar diaries. The Clothes Horse has a strong foundation on who she is without getting lost in the world of fashion. Yeah, she blogs about it, and it's a hobby, but it doesn't consume her and I admire that.
My husband has a lot to say and share with humor and wit and is a bit controversial but he does it for himself.
Rockstar Diaries because I have not been able to meet a couple that is as in love as i am and is into the same stuff i'm into.

Hope you find some inspiration in that!

Shannon said...

I'll have to check out that blog!! I have so many favorites!!

{ L } said...

A Big Thank You for getting me started with all of this...and, you got me (and my MOM) hooked on the SugarPie website. It's amazing.

Dawn Gahan said...

This Sugar Pie Farmhouse is amazing! Thanks for introducing me to it; she's now added to my blog list.

I will tell you what my favorite post of YOURS is . . . it has to be your front door. I love the porch and how you have it decorated. Not sure what you wound up painting the door, but I loved it just as it was!



cute blog you have here :)

sparkled*life said...

How I love Mrs. Ruthann to read her blog is to look into the home that we as moms are hoping we are creating for our children!

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