Oh My Gosh!!

I am so excited that I can't stop shaking!! Literally.

Growing up one of my most Favorite, Favorite, Favorite shows to watch was.....

The Donna Reed Show!

I just adore Donna Reed and so I was so very sad when they stopped playing the show! I was even one of those fans who petitioned on the Nick at Nite site to bring it back but sadly, Donna Reeds ex husbands new wife had the rights to the show (or something like that) and she didn't want to release them! I was sad but I let it go until..... 15 minutes ago when I decided to search Donna Reed on YouTube to see what I would find!

Well, to my surprise at the end of one of the clips was a screen that said: "The complete first season out on DVD October 28, 2008!"


So, I got my butt right over to Amazon and there it was, in stock and on sale waiting for me!!!

I ran downstairs (yelling in excitement as if I was a little kid on Christmas day) to go tell my husband what I just found (I told him a long time ago about how I was so sad that they didn't play her show anymore and he remembered when I started telling him about it all!) So, he just ordered it for me and got the 1 day shipping so I can have it as a my stocking gift!!!

It looks as though they brought it back for the 50th anniversary from when the show first aired! The first season has 37 shows!!! I can not wait to have my Donna Reed marathon! I am still shaking in excitement!!! Plus, the second season will be out before Mothers day in 2009!


mollyandmarshal said...

Haha, that is so awesome! I completely forgot about that show, and how unfortunate that they won't release it! So glad you're getting it - it's a great Christmas gift!

charmaine said...

you lucky girl! i love shows like this. the woman were always so elegant and pretty and Donna Reed always looked so elegant. one of my favorite shows was Gidget with Sally Field. i loved her quirky, cute character. i was one who always was glued to the television on Sunday afternoons watching those old good shows. i miss those old shows, but for the movies thank God for the Turner Movie Classic network, they show all old movies. T.V. is just not the same. now it's reality T.V., and i love those too,lol! but i do miss these old classics.

God Bless,

Michelle said...

Oh man, you totally inspired me to watch this show again! I wonder who has it online....

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