My little Giveaway!

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100 Posts!!!

I can't believe I made it to 100 posts already! I'm so glad I found my way into this wonderful, little bloggy community. Sometimes I get so carried away and lost in blog after blog after blog that I don't know where my time has gone, but it's always so fun! I never knew I would come across so many amazing women, just sooo many sweet, creative, inspiring women! Thank you for your friendship and beautiful blogs! I pray that I continue to get to know you all better!

In honor of my 100 posts, I would like to introduce my little giveaway!

I'm not going to say specifically what I'm giving away but I will give you a very nice hint. It has to do with My Favorite Things. So, if you ask me, it's a pretty great giveaway!

And to get to know you better, to enter all you have to do is tell me at least one thing:

No matter how BIG or small, What is something that you are either Hoping, Wishing, Praying or are Excited for in 2009?

One comment each please, BUT please feel free to list as many things in your one post that you are hoping, wishing, praying or excited about!

Deadline to enter will be announced later! Please feel free to let others know about Giveaway! Only comment on this post if interested. Thank you and have a blessed, happy day!


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Wow, a giveaway! How exciting and sweet of you! Thank You! The one thing that I pray for is, health for my family.


TattingChic said...

100 posts! Congratulations! How fun. I think I will do a giveaway for my 100th post, too! So I guess that's one thing I'm hoping for; is that 100th post, LOL! I am also hoping for a year of being able to do some entertaining and feel more energetic and have better health and making 2009 a "make-over" year! Last but not least I want to grow spiritually.

Tracey McBride said...

Cali Girl...CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post!! Also, thank you so much for your kind comment regarding my little baby Rosie who is not so little any longer...and not even close to being a baby at sixteen!!! (And the earlier comment on Zoe-meow). Oh...I just noticed I was supposed to list something I want to hope for 2009...so many things... I guess the biggest would be that we would be a nation and world that focused more intently on all that is good, and right, and lovely in the world. It seems that so much energy is tuned into the negative and that just gives it more power. If we could just uplift one another a little more (take a page from people like you--and the many other amazing bloggers in this lovely community of like-minded souls) perhaps the energy would shift to a more balanced position. Thank you again for your lovely blog and your kind comments.

charmaine said...

Hi Brandi! Congratulations on your 100th post! how was your Christmas? my family and i had a great time. we really enjoyed the rain. so, your doing a giveaway in honor of your 100th post, well let me just say my list. lol! girl, i have so many things but i'll keep it short. here we go. i'm praying for continuous health and strength for my family and me and for everyone else, for a better and more positive world and for a better economy.i pray to lose weight and to stick with it, i'm praying to move soon into a new home in a new area. i pray for continuous success for my son and his dreams (purpose,school and career). i'm very excited just to see how will God use me this year, how will He bless me to bless others, so i look forward to many new friends and if mr.right is in that group, than bring him on. so these are the things that i'm excited, hoping, praying, and wishing for. but, you know the list is longer, lol! talk to you soon!

God Bless,

Shab-n-Chic said...

I'll bet you never dreamed of reaching 100! How nice of you do do a giveaway. :) I'm hoping that the New Year brings great things..I'm hoping for a turn around in the economy, (since I am now a small business owner!) and I'm praying for good health for my family, especially our daughter who is diabetic. I know there will be a cure someday for Type 1 Diabetes, and I pray for that every day. So if I had to choose ONE thing, it would most definitely be a cure for this dreadful disease.
Peace and Best wishes for the New Year!

notebookdoodles said...

congrats on the 100th post! i think i am just excited that it's going to be a new year soon =) nothing in particular, just that it's a new beginning.


Kellie H said...

hooray for 100! Mine is coming v. soon too.
I wish for my mom's cancer to be gone *poof*
& for the housing market to improve so we can move!
I love giveaways, thanks for the chance to win =)

belladella said...

Congrats on 100! Doesn't it feel great??? What do I want in 2009? Just love and peace for my family. That's all I ever want.

Ms. Attitude said...

Yay! 100 Posts! I can't wait for mine. I want to do a giveaway too. They are so much fun. I am excited and looking forward to the day (hopefully within the next couple of months) that I will be completely free of credit card debt. I had a lot built up and can't wait until it's all gone.

i.d. said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

I am looking forward to finally making a career change to study fashion - first day of school is 2 February 2009!

P.S. I got my blogger gift exchange package just before Christmas - a gorgeous print and some knick knacks from www.sofiabarao.com. :)

Life at the White House said...

Hi there! 100 posts....isn't it fun to look back on each one?!

A few things that I'm either hoping, wishing or praying {or all of the above} for in 2009....
1.) New opportunities!
2.) Finding the right church home!
3.) Hoping for fun travels! I love to travel!
4.) Praying for job security & stability......how this has changed in the past months due to the economy.
5.) Wishing/Hoping for fun, new friends that have similar values/hobbies as us.

There's so much more, but I'll stop there. Here's to a hopeful 2009!!

Kathryn said...

Congrats on 100!! Thank you for the giveaway! As for something for 2009...I hope to create more Art and get published.
Artful Blessings,

Carol said...

Happy 100th post! My big excitement for 2009 is going to be the arrival of our first grandchild in February! His name will be Ethan Asher, we can't wait to meet him!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I am so ready for a new year! I am grateful for Gods grace, my wonderful husband, my awesome and kind sons and my dearest friends.I hope that all I love will really know it this year! I pray for continued peace.


KarenB said...

Hi there. I totally let my 100th post just roll on by. Oops. Yep, I live in SW Riverside County. So, on the other side of the mountains from you. My husband works in Anaheim. He has a "LOVELY" commute as I'm sure you understand. Let's see. . . wishes and prayers for 2009. I'm praying for God to be very real in the lives of my family this year. I'm praying to be effective in ministry and there's more, but that's enough. God bless and have a safe and happy New Year!

ikkinlala said...

Congratulations on 100 posts! May Canadians enter your giveaway?

Right now I'm hoping that my family and I will be as lucky in the future as we have been in the past and that I'll be able to find a job soon (as I just finished university), and excited about a trip to the Dominican Republic for my brother's upcoming wedding (we're leaving in less than two weeks).

kari and kijsa said...

COngrats!! To be more organized, lose weight, and prioritize our families!
Here's to a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
kari & kijsa

A-M said...

Happy New Year to you Cali! I'll have a crack at this 'listing one thing' thing. I'll be really obvious and a bit selfish.... (besides wishing for peace in the middle east right now and for Robert Mugabe's self-combustion in Sth Africa, health for my family and happiness for my darling children and hubby)and say that, now that I have started building 'The House That A-M Built', I wish, hope... that I can afford to finish it and actually live in it and enjoy it... even for a short time!
Happy 2009! A-M xx

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