lookey, lookey...

I just bought myself a new pair of shoes and I just adore them! I got the black ones... I mean, a girl standing {almost} at 5'4" needs some kind of boost if you know what I mean..... and I think these will do the trick!


charmaine said...

yummy, yummy eye candy! wow, these are fabulous. i love these! it's so funny that you and i both post about shoes today, and did i mention i'm 5'4 too,lol! how are you, i pray that you are having a blessed day.

God Bless,

the undomesticated wife said...

I love those! Super cute!

I've got you beat....I'm only 5' tall. LOL

Hope you are doing well!

Ms. Attitude said...

OOH! I love those shoes! I am 5'2" and could really use a boost sometimes.

Gina @ Six in the Country said...

Those rock! Me, however at 5'9" with a 5'7" hubby, heels are not a possibility.....alas.....

dolcechic said...

So pretty! I wish I was 5'4, I'm only 5'2 1/4!

sparkled*life said...

I am 5'10 and it doesn't stop me from wearing heels! There is something about the clicking noise I think that just makes you feel more feminine.....I love these! Show us some pics with all of the super cute outfits you will be wearing with these!

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