i heart dogs!

I'm a huge, huge dog lover, I have been my whole life! I can't think of any time in my almost 30 years of life where I didn't have a dog or two or three... and not only do I love them, adore them, want all of them, I also have my own doggie business that is super fun!

With that being said, I have been inspired by one of my blog friends... Geri-Ann at The Undomesticated Wife! She does a dog tree every Christmas. Why didn't I think of this? Such a stink'n cute idea! I am soooo excited to copy her and do one myself! I'm going to wait to start next Christmas though, it will consist of all dog ornaments, it's going to be super cute, and it will be dedicated to my dear and very, very missed dog Carmen who just passed away this October.

I'll show you a sneak peek at a few of my doggie ornaments. I took the pictures without the flash so they didn't turn out too great but come back next year and you'll get to see lots more!

I came across these adorable dog bowl ornaments when I ran out to the store tonight. They had 3 left so I scooped them all up, having that third one in mind for my friend Geri-Ann who also loves dogs so much too! So... Geri-Ann if you don't already have this cute little dog bowl, please email me your address and I'll send it out to you to add to your dog tree!


Jackie said...

I love dogs too. I can't even imagine my life without them.

Cute tree! :-)

Jackie said...
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Gollum said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm always glad to meet another dog fancier. Love your tree! That's a great idea about a tree for the dogs, but I'm like you, it will have to wait till next year. I did buy my dogs a John Deere stuffed tractor! That would be cute ornaments--dog squeak toys and dog bones and rawhide.

What's next said...

we love our pups too! I want to do a little dog tree. My aunt always does a little one with little dog treat orniments right next to the dog bowl... think my dog would just think it was a toy!

Carol said...

Yay! Love your doggie tree. Thanks for sharing.

Merry Christmas! (Tucker says, Woof!)

Tracey McBride said...

I love dogs, cats (basically, most animals :)...but your Carmen looks EXACTLY like my childhood dog, Rufus! When I was little, I used to think he was the most beautiful dog in the world...when I saw Carmen (even the look in her eye and the little bit of white on her chin)) it brought backs such good memories. I'm also a pushover for cats, especially kittens, as they are like babies, bringing out the Momma in me (and I have a LOT of momma in me!). Thaks for sharing.
Warm blessings from Traceyxo

Missy said...

Love your doggie tree.

Laura B. said...

So cute!

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