I feel so very, very special!

Do you want to know why? .....because I have a new friend and I heart her!

At 5 PM tonight I found this at my mailbox and it had my name on it!

Who was it from?
Where was it from?
What could it be?

It says that it's from Australia!

My heart started getting excited. I love surprises! This must be my gift from the little gift exchange that I participated in over at La Boudoir!

I couldn't wait to get in the house so I could open this cute little tube of a package!

Well, there were a few items tucked inside just for me.

First, I found this cute little note with a seal that I didn't want to break because it was too darn cute, but I had to break it to see what this sweet little note had to say...

It was a note from my new friend who lives in Australia. She is so very cute, creative, polite and thoughtful... I can tell all of this just from her lovely letter and her amazing gifts that she specifically chose just for me!

So, there's this tube and it says Zetta Florence on it! Well, if anyone knows me they know that I adore Florence, not just because of its charm, beauty, history and everything else wonderful and amazing about it but because I was married there!

I was able to open this tube without breaking this Florence seal and what did I find? This....

It's beautiful and I am totally homesick for Italy now!!! I didn't use my flash so you can't see all the vibrant color but it's just a very beautiful poster with different cities of Italy all over it and it's full of pretty pictures all throughout. I can't wait to get a frame for it and hang it up!!!

The next picture was an accident actually. I was just so happy and excited about all my lovely gifts I was going a little crazy with the pictures...hehe...but the picture ended up looking so pretty I thought I would post it. The real picture follows it, you will see that any girl who loves having tea parties {me!} will find this gift very nice! I'm about to go make myself a cup after this post!

And finally, isn't this fabric so very, very pretty? I sure think so! She sent this to me because she knows that I collect and adore quilts. She thought it would be special to send it to me so I would be inspired to make my own quilt some day!

Oh, I. If I could give you a big hug I would. I truly do feel so special. Thank you for these wonderful gifts. I know they came from your heart. You did such a great job capturing me and what I like. Thank you, Thank you!!!! I will treasure these things so much!

For anyone else reading this post, if you haven't been by JUST FASHION.ART.DESIGN ... please go check it out. It is one beautiful post after another.


i.d. said...

Yay! I'm so happy that the package reached you safely and that you like it. :) I had so much fun hunting for the bits and pieces!

And thank you for your lovely, kind comments - I'm so glad the Gift Exchange brought our blogs together. :)


charmaine said...

wow! how sweet is that,very nice gifts. that's what i love about blogging, you meet so many wonderful people. that was very nice. i stopped by her blog, and your right, page after page is just fabulous post.i will be back to visit her blog. the poster is very pretty!

God Bless,

the undomesticated wife said...

What a great surprise! And it's fun getting "real mail" too.

belladella said...

You lucky girl! How special. Isn't amazing how wonderful and generous this blog world is? Have a wonderful weekend!

Shannon said...

Wow! Everything is beautiful! I love that poster!!

Chik Nite said...

Toooooo sweet! That is so awesome!

charmaine said...

hi Brandi! i see you received yet another gift. how sweet is that! you asked me where did i see a picture of the girl who gave you the gifts yesterday. i didn't see her, i meant the poster she sent you was very pretty. so, how was your day? hope all is well! looking forward to hearing from you soon!

God Bless,

amy (metz) walker said...

I'm LOVING that poster from Italy. That's awesome! Have you told the story on your blog about how got married in Florence or are there pics anywhere? I've got to check that out!

Ms. Tee said...

How neat that you got married in Italy and what a lovely package! :)

The Fab Miss B said...

What a thoughtful gift! I loved the idea of the blog gift swap- maybe next year I will host my own! I can't wait for my goodies to arrive in the mail.



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