25 Little Things to Treasure at Christmas

The Inspired Room has inspired me to make my own Little Things to Treasure at Christmas list...

25 Little Things I Treasure at Christmas
(in no particular order!)

1. traditions.
2. the smell of cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.
3. the cozy fire going every night.
4. lots of lights everywhere.
5. going to the mail box every day to collect Christmas cards.
6. the smell of pine throughout my house.
7. baking.
8. tacky Christmas sweaters make me smile.
9. looking at everyone's decorated homes.
10. sled riding.
11. making snowmans and now angels.
12. Christmas music.
13. hot chocolate.
14. picking out a tree and decorating it with my husband.
15. vintage Christmas cards.
16. shopping.
17. getting together with family and friends.
18. watching old christmas movies.. its a wonderful life, miracle on 34th street...
19. watching others open gifts.
20. finding new ornamennts to add to my always growing collection.
21. unpacking old ornaments.
22. Christmas issues of all my favorite magazines.
23. driving around looking at lights.
24. anything vintage Christmas.
25. the birth of our precious Jesus.


sparkled*life said...

I too love anything old vintage Christmas. There is something so precious in knowing that it was somebody else's. I love to think that they had fond memories with it and now it is mine to love and make my own memories. Thank you for your always encouraging comments. You are so precious!

Carol said...

I love the anticipation.

And the fact that everything shuts down for a day.

Cool cards!

Sandy Toes said...

Love your list..I love "vintage" too!
-sandy toes

i.d. said...

What a lovely list! You've just reminded me all over again that Christmas is about so much more than getting presents. :)

i.d. said...

P.S. I call Sydney, Australia home - I can't wait to catch up with all my family & friends! x

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