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This year I decided to have a candy tree or maybe it would be better to call it a sweet tree in the kitchen... Here is a {Sneak Peek} at a few of some ornaments that will go on it! Look at the detail in the garland... I just adore it! I'm trying to find another like it, but its not easy!

If you happen to be out and about and come across some candy ornaments or sweet treats of any kind, please let me know what store so I can check them out too! I'm always on the hunt to add to my collection! xo.

I also ran across these precious vintage inspired pieces....
I just love vintage Christmas!


the undomesticated wife said...

I've not been up to anything...just trying to finish up my time at work, and then coming home and having a pity party. :( I'm not in the best of spirits. I hope this funk lifts soon though. Been trying to update my resume. Blah!

I like your sweet tree idea for the kitchen! I saw some glass candy ornaments recently, but can't remember where. I think maybe it was Homegoods...? Maybe not. Bronners has every type of ornament available. But you have to order online or through their catalog. I have lots from them (my mother gives them as gifts every year) and they are good quality.

Have you looked on etsy? What are you going to use as your sweet tree topper?

Ms. Tee said...

What a neat idea - those are all so cute! :)

belladella said...

I love the ornaments! They are delicious :) I will keep an eye out when I am out and about and let you know.

Hope you are doing well and having a good week.

Shannon said...

I have been thinking about doing a "food" tree in the kitchen too. Yours is going to look great!!

Love your vintage ispired pieces too!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Oh so pretty!
Looks like you've been busy!

Casa Mia * My House * said...

I love this idea, so sweet!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

SWEET ornaments! Can't wait to see a picture of the tree! Have you checked out Michael's yet? They usually have some kind of sweet treats!


charmaine said...

hi Brandi! how are you? i pray and hope all is well with you. i'm doing great! i just wanted to let you know that i'm back. i had some major problems with my computer and i had to get it fixed. it's working good so far. i love the idea of a candy tree, so whimsical and cute.i hope your having a good day!

God Bless,

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

That tree is just going to be precious! I love the tiny trees. I usually decorate several of them. They are really fun to create a different theme for each. Geez, now you have me wanting to run home and decorate!

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