Christmas Traditions...Party Ideas!

My friends and I play bunco every first Monday of each month. I started the tradition of having it each December so I would like to make it extra special! Christmastime is one of my most favorite times of year!

It will be on December 1st! So, I only have a few weeks to get creative!

We will be having a gift exchange but I would love to hear some fun, special traditions that you and your family and/or friends do at Christmas time or any ideas you have for my Christmas Party...

It consists of about 13-15 woman between the ages of 24-32, all married except for one who is engaged!

Please help!!! xoxo.

*UPDATE! We are already having a gift exchange so I don't want to have any other kind {ornament/cookie exchange}.... although I would love to, I think it would be just too much to expect everyone to bring!

I am looking for fun little surprises. One example is the tradition of hiding the pickel ornament on the tree and whoever finds it first wins a gift. I am just looking for small ways to make it an extra special night for everyone. I think I may put a jar full of Christmas jelly beans in the kitchen with a little pieces of paper for everyone to guess how many jelly beans and whoever comes closest will win a gift. Also, if you have any ideas on cute but small gift ideas/favors so I can send everyone home with a little something.... I think I'm going to go check out Martha Stewarts site for some inspiration.... Thanks!!


Ms. Tee said...

This sounds like so much fun - I love traditions. :) I'll try and think of some stuff. Sometimes an ornament exchange is fun - everyone brings an ornament then takes a different one home. Or cookie exchange maybe? I'll think some more!

the undomesticated wife said...

That sounds fun! I wish I had some friends to do that kind of thing with. Everyone is always too busy with their kids. :(

I like the ornament idea. I've done an exchange with other people and it's always fun to think of them every year when I put the ornament on the tree. It doesn't have to be expensive, and can be handmade.

mollyandmarshal said...

I think a cookie exchange is great, and everyone can make copies of their recipes so you all get a bunch of new cookie recipes!

Also, I had no idea anyone ever made ornaments like mine!! I would love to see yours! I've been doing them for a while, but am trying to get into making more because it's an inexpensive gift to give at a tough economic time like this!

Twice as Nice said...

We're having a give away and would love for you to be a part of it :o)

Lynne said...

Mmm, not sure. And I don't even know what bunco is! Why don't you make it more simple (and cheap) and do a recipe exchange, but you have to bring the ingredients for the other person. Not great, I know!

Liz said...

i love to send everyone home with an ornament. Each ornament is different, but they all have some sort of theme.

Dawn Gahan said...


How about everyone bringing a picture of herself from when she was little, either sitting on Santa's lap or opening gifts on Christmas morning. Post them on a board near the food; everyone can guess who is who and recount fond memories of childhood Christmases.

Take a group photograph at the beginning of the evening, and while the party is going on have your husband print out a bunch and stick them into cheap Dollar Store frames (maybe decorated with dice) as a fond reminder of your monthly gatherings!

I'll keep thinking and post again if I can come up with some more!


Dawn Gahan said...


Was just reading about a group of friends who put together a package to send to a troop overseas who would not be home for Christmas. Does anyone in your bunco group have a family member or know of a soldier who won't be home for the holidays?

The gals could bring stuff for a care package, even write little notes to include. You could send out an email prior to your bunco night with ideas of what to bring. (And even include a picture in the package of everyone packing up the box!)


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