Do you see that iced tea on the right in the picture below? It's made with a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker...Do you know where I can buy one? And... how to make yummy, refreshing tea with it?

I know this sounds funny, but as much as I LOVE iced tea, I don't know how to make it... I know, sad! My mom always boiled the water and stuck a bunch of tea bags in the water, every time I try this method, my tea is too strong and never refreshing!

The other night at Bunco, the hostess had that iced tea (see picture) there and I LOOVED it. The next day I was still thinking about it, so I texted my friend and asked her how she made it!

Out of all my many questions and begging for tea making instructions, all she ended telling me was that she used 1 tea bag. I asked her for more details but thats all I got! Don't ask me why, but she won't tell me how she made that darn tea! I know.... weird?

Anyway, she wouldn't even tell me if was made with a tea maker, I thought she boiled the water until I asked another friend who was there that night if she knew how she made it and she told me all she knew was that she made it with a tea maker! ....then my detective self remembered that I had pictures! A.. ha!

There it sits all refreshig in its pink little picher.

Does this look familiar to you? Do you know where I can find one?


kate said...

Okay well here is how we do it in my house (and most of Tx)

Boil a full tea kettle.
Pour that boiling water into a gallon pitcher.
Add 3-4 Tea bags (I buy Lipton Family bags and use 2)
Steep for about 10 mins with regular bags (about 5 for the family size)
If you want it sweet add sugar now.
Then, fill the pitcher the rest of the way up and stir!

We drink about a gallon a day in my house hehe!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I have a Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Maker but mine looks a little different than that one. It makes REALLY good ice tea. I add 7 tea bags, you fill it to water line on the pitcher and then pour it in the top of the ice tea maker, then you add ice to the pitcher up to the top line and put it under the maker and press a button. It's really easy with that machine!

LisaJanelle said...

Hi there! I have a tea maker just like this..it is Hot pink! I bought this tea maker at Walmart! Theinstructions for making tea are with the maker using tea bags or just plain powdered dry tea (Nestea)... Hope that helps!

Lisa Janelle

Cote de Texas said...

Hi - I don't drink iced tea but every one in Texas does!

thanks for your comment today!

Shannon said...

Walmart. My parents have one. Or I'm sure you could find one at target.

You are so funny because I called my friend (who makes the best iced tea) and asked for her "receipe". She just died out laughing. But she told me step by step instructions and I wrote them down. It is EASY!

Put 2 cups of water in a glass measuring cup in the microwave for 6 min.

When it is finished, put 2 tea bags (Lipton family size) in the water for about 10 minutes.

Put one cup sugar in your tea pitcher and then pour your tea in and fill the rest of the pitcher with water while stirring.

Done! It is really easy.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweetie! I thought I'd tell you how I make mine, maybe you can try to see if you like the taste? First I get a glass bowl or glass two-cup measuring cup, place in two family sized teabags, I use decaf Luzianne or Tetly or Lipton even Publix, no matter, just decaf. Place in bowl or measuring cup, fill with water, place in microwave and cook for 3:33 (I know it's just faster to press three of the same number!) Then take a gallon pitcher, and put in 3/4 to one cup of sugar. When microwave beeps, pull out, dip bags up and down a few times and throw away. Pour strong tea mixture over sugar, stir to dissolve as it will be hot. Then fill up the rest of the way with cold water, stirring all along!! It's so fast and easy in the microwave, I've even taught my kids how to make it!! xxoo, Dawn

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