My Front Door

So! There are so many little things that I would love to get my hands on and change/update around my house, but between my husband and the home owners association it tends to get a little discouraging!

I am determined to paint my front door. It's dreadful. Everything is either tan & beige around here... Ugggh!

I want to paint the house, trim and door but out of the three, the front door will probably be the most cheap and the most convincing.

I'm wondering what color you think I should paint the front door? I was also thinking about taking the screen off and putting it on the garage door instead... what do you think?

I personally have always wanted to paint our house a pretty light charcoal grey color, have white trim and paint the door red but lately....

I have been thinking a black door would be nice, but would it be too much? I need something that will look good with the dreadful beigh and tan?

Would love to hear your thoughts? Thanks!


Beth Leintz said...

I used to repaint my front door every few years- and every time I did it, I got a little bolder. It's been the same color for the last five years or so- an almost crimson red in high gloss- and I'm pretty happy with it.

Go for it! It's only paint, it doesn't take a lot of time, and if you don't like it, you can always paint over it.

Maggie May said...

I know! I live in suburban SD and everything here is beige-- i actually include a whole long paragraph about this in the novel i'm working on, set here. Go for it! I'd love to see what you come up with.

Joy said...

I think it looks more inviting with the screen door off. And both of your choices, red or black, would be beautiful!!!
Just a side note: If your door faces the sun, a black door can be tricky because the color will fade and will be hot to the touch in the heat of the day.

Villa Anna said...

I vote for black or duck egg blue!

Anna :)

Shannon said...

I defintely think black or a nice slate grey to go with your light fixtures. Red would be pretty too. Just go for it! :)

Ms. Tee said...

Our door is white, and I've been wanting to paint it black. I think black or red would be great, either one. :)

Kathy Eller said...

just found your blog--nice to *meet* you!

I never even thoguht about painting a door. I have always liked the *idea* of a red door. Lately I have seen so many talented decorating blogging ladies painting their doors black. Normally that would discourage me from doing something (because everyoen else is doing it) BUT they included before and after pix and it made SUCH an improvement! GO FOR IT!!

Porch Days said...

Be bold and do it! We painted the outside of our french doors that open to the porch a melon color - a cross between hot pink and salmon. I put impatiences in that color in my planter. It was a success.

Terry said...

There are so many choices. We talk about it a lot with our designer friend. Here is what he'd do: Check every door in the neighborhood. Don't use any of those colors. If another door is black, don't use black. If you do red, do a red in a hue unlike any other. The goal is: When folks approach your house, it's your house attracts the eye over all other houses. Plan in advance to paint it, change your mind and paint it again.

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