Louis Vuitton

Which print do you like the best?
Do you have a LV?
Did you purchase it or was it a gift?
How do you like it?
or.. do you hate LV? Why?
Any thoughts would be great... but out of the 3 shown, what print do you like the bst?


the undomesticated wife said...

No LV here...I'm a Coach girl. Though I do really like the first and last ones shown...the checkerboard print. Very cute! The first one would be good for spring/summer, and the third one for fall/winter. I think you should get both. ;)

Cali Girl said...

well, who knows if im getting any. hehe.. im not a girl who likes to wear or show brands but im looking for a classic bag that i can have forever and that will go with everything.

Mojito Maven said...

well I'm currently coveting #3, but I also really like #1 too...

Dallas Shaw said...

There is only ONE lv that I like and it's the classic speedy. Never goes out of style. next year for sure. This year- coach sabrina all the way. Simple and cute.

Hollie said...

I like #1.
I've never had an LV before, only Coach, but I really like the ones you are choosing from.
#1 gets my vote.

Tiffany said...

Hello! I do own a LV, I got it in SF for the reason that is classic and I can grab it and go and not worry if it matches anything!

I have the classic monogram, but I do also like the checkered print, just not the red lining!

The bag is light weight (the speedy 25) and easy to clean and a great investment!

Marlou said...

well I love the middle one the best, I bought it in New York last year whilst on honeymoon :)

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