To start things off, my best friend and her husband both have a first name that starts with the letter {J}.

My best friend has also always loved the name Julia and wanted to name her first daughter that name, not because it also started with a {J} but because she has always loved it.

Well, her first child was a girl and this little girl was named Julia.

Now, all three of them start with {J}!

Child #2... what to do? Do they also give that child a {J} name so it doesn't feel left out or just give it any ol' name that they like?

They chose to give baby #2 a {J} name as well... her name is Jillian.

Okay, well... my dear best friend is pregnant now with baby #3. The baby must have a {J} name but the names are running low.

I feel like we have checked evey baby name site, every book... can't seem to find any for her that she LOVES!

Feel free to share any {J} names for a boy or girl...
The other two girls are Julia and Jillian.



kate said...

I think Josie is cute for a girl
Jack or Josiah for a boy.

the undomesticated wife said...

I have always loved Josephine (I like old fashioned names).

Boys...him, Jacob (though it's way popular right now).

Shannon said...

J is hard. Ummmmm....Joy, I don't know!! That is hard. :)

You should check out the Duggars website. They have 17 kids and they all start with a J. :) www.duggarfamily.com

Cali Girl said...

UPDATE: She's having another little girl!

Joelle said...

i have a j name! it is uncommon, but not too weird-in my humble opinion!

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