Shhhh... they're trying to sleep.

As some of you may know, I am going through some trying times. I know I am not alone. The Lord is with me always and I am trying to seek Him through it all!

Thank you so very much to all who are sending prayers my way. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Big hugs to you!

My grandma recently sent me a card and as always she has scriptures to share, she had it written down clearly but for some reason when I looked it up, I came across a different scripture! A came across the wrong scripture by accident... but I know that it wasn't really an accident, it was meant to be because I needed it at that moment. I know the Lord works in mysterious ways... and this little verse stuck to my heart in a way that I can't explain. It's something that I needed to read. Thank you Jesus for your Word and your ways!

1 John 4:8 Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

I have missed coming on to blog, but I just haven't had much motivation. I do come on and sneak a peak at what all of you have going on... its always a refreshing experience!

I do have something funny to share.... in the back of our yard is a big hill, full of trees, plants, wild life and rats... icky rats! BUT... one rat in particular has charmed me a bit. He scurries his little way from branch to branch every single night to these two trees in our side yard. I didn't know rats ate leaves until I watched this little guy do it night after night. This little guy is not even little, he is chubby and he goes to the very top of the tree, grabs his leaves and then comes down to a more sturdy branch and eats away.. he does this for hours. It's quite a show! Every time I go out there to let the dogs out, he is out there. The odd thing about him is, he doesn't run away when we come out. It doesn't phase him one bit, I could reach over and pet him if I wanted, that is how close he is. I took a little picture of Mr. Rat for all to see. He is a character and I look forward to seeing him later tonight!

I'm going to go for now, but hopefully I'll be back soon! Just in case you feel like smiling some more, here are some snapshots of my adorable sleeping babies right now... Carmen, Sadie & Preston.

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and have a very blessed week!
Love, Brandi


charmaine said...

Hi brandi! i am so happy to hear from you. i've been keeping you in my prayers. i pray that everything is going well with you and your family. i wont be posting through this week but i'll be back on friday. you are very welcome for the devotional. Pastor Charles Stanley is a really good pastor. i'm happy that God connected us, please keep me in your prayers also. nice to hear from you!

God Bless,

charmaine said...

Brandi, me again. i just want to say that your dogs are too cute, but not the rat, he is HUGE! i don't know what i would do. i heard rats hate bamboo so i would probably have a back yard full of bamboo.may you have a blessed week in the name of Jesus!

God Bless,

nel said...

I am glad you seem to be feeling a little better... keep resting in Him.

That rat is very cute, I am quite surprised, lol! It almost looks like a possum!!

And of course your dogs are gorgeous and how good are they just lying there snoozing? Very cute!

Take care

Denise Elizabeth said...

Oh so cute! Blessings Denise

Ms. Tee said...

Your sleeping babies are precious - the rat might have to grow on me a little, though! :) Thank you for stopping by and your sweet words.

Joy said...

I'm here to answer your question about my little candle lights. The ones on me mantle came from a craft boutique, but in an earlier post on my blog I teach you how to make one from a thrift store light.

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Hey Brandy - thanks for the b-day wishes!! Your rat reminds me of our hamster....they can be kind of cute!
When you were talking about finding scriptures by accident - it is a God thing isn't it? Many times, when I am looking for advice the world can't give me, I just start randomly opening up the Bible and reading what is there - God always sends me some scripture that is meaningful! (I've really got to learn to turn to that Bible first!!) We just wanted to let you know that we are still keeping you in our prayers for God's wisdom and comfort!!
LOL, Karla & Karrie

sparkled*life said...

So very good to hear from you again! I just speak blessings and peace over you and your home!
The rat not so much for me! I am just not a fan of little hairy critters! The puppy dogs are so sweet though!
I am always here if you need to talk!


the undomesticated wife said...

Keep hanging in there! ((hugs))

Your furkids are just too cute! I have a chihuahua, rat terrier (we call her the 'rat terrorist') and a dachshund mix. I love seeing other folks' pet pics! Thanks for sharing!

And really, that rat is cute. ;)

belladella said...

Hi Brandi,
Blessings to you and hope you are feeling better soon. Remember, all of us in BlogLand are here whenever you need us.


jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

My very good friend writes an amazing blog through her "trying times" and I wanted to recommend it to you.


Please find encouragement in her Godly insight. Every post is a blessing!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Aw, I am sorry about the trying times. I hate those times. But also - I love them, because it really tests who we are and Who we turn to, and the result makes us as silver refined. Love it. Prayers for you, lady.

As long as you keep the rat away from me. ;)

the undomesticated wife said...

I had to come back and tell you...I saw a huge rat in the parking garage at work today on my lunch hour. Eek! ha!

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