Self Check-List

I don't remember where I stumbled across this but I think there are some pretty important questions to ponder and ask ourselves on a daily basis! Questions that will only help us keep our priorities in order and help our better selves only blossom into someone even more beautiful, lovely and Christ-like!

God: Am I......
- Actively choosing God and His ways at every decision, word, moment, thought and step each day?
- Consistent in my quiet time?
- Daily spending time with God in prayer and Bible reading?

Husband: Am I.......
- Praying for him DAILY?
- Being a help meet to him?
- Preparing for my husband daily?
- Spending time with him?
- Positively responding to him?
- Noticing, regarding, honoring, preferring, esteeming, praising, admiring and loving him?
- Bending or bucking with submission?
- Being predictably happy?
- Giving away to others what I haven't given first away at home?

Children: Am I.....
- Spending quality time with them?
- Praying with them daily?
- Teaching them to follow God by my words and actions?

Home: Am I managing my home effectively. ....
- with finances and budgeting?
- with housecleaning? (Managing it instead of it managing me?)
- with planning meals and shopping wisely?
- by taking care of needs at home?

Others: Am I......
- Loving others correctly?
- Serving others?
- Preferring others?

Self: Am I......
- Growing in my walk with God?
- Eating properly and exercising?
- Making sure I am healthy and give myself rest when needed so I can be what my family needs?

Have a blessed day!


Kasey said...

lovely blog.
on to read more....

Lilla Blanka said...


Thank you so much for stopping by! *hug*
Yes, those are crowns..I love to decorate with them..I think I have a dozen of them, different sizes, colors etc

I like your sofa, and the garland is your previous post!

I´m curious about your blog..would like to read some more, but I think I have to wait until tomorrow..it´s almost midight here in europe.

Take care,

Lilla Blanka said...

..in... your previous post,of course ;)

I guess these late hours make me a bit tired after all :)

Denise Elizabeth said...

Hi loved this! Blessings, Denise

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