Nightmare, Cute Find & Help!

I went shopping last night which was a nightmare! Now... I love to shop don't get me wrong but I have gained a little weight and clothes just dont fit me right so it ended up being a terrible experience! I actually get really down and leave the store feeling so bad.

The problem is, I really need clothes because the little that I do have, do not fit me anymore! It really is a nightmare.

I have never been on a diet before but I need to figure out some kind of plan because I LOVE sugar and I LOVE carbs. Does anyone have any secrets they can share where I can lose and not feel deprived?

I was about to leave the store empty handed when I came upon these little shoes. I need some new balet flats really bad and these were on sale and after some seraching, they had my size! Aren't they cute!

I also have been wanting to check out this thing called a Ped Egg, has anyone used them? I went next door and found them at Bed, Bath & Beyond! So, these are my current finds.

I ended up leaving on a happier note BUT I still need to do something major when it comes to changes that MUST be made. I am petite so even gaining a couple extra pounds is a big difference for me.


kate said...

Oh man you just spelled out the story of my life! Since I got married I have just slowwwly started gaining weight. I guess its because my mom isn't here cooking healthy, lowfat meals for me!

I have a ped egg, I like it now. When I first used it I hated it and I think its because I didn't do it correctly. Now when I think I need to get a pedicure I try it first and it usually can hold me off for a another week.

kate said...

I don't think I rubbed hard enough....I was afraid of it! So, they aren't lying when they say its safe for your skin. Rub away! LOL

the undomesticated wife said...

Cute shoes!

I love the Ped Egg! Just remember that when you first start rubbing, it will appear to make your feet worse. It's not..it's just loosening up the dead skin. Continue to rub, and it will get that skin off.

I'm petite too, and even 5 lbs makes a huge difference on a smaller frame. I get up and walk every morning at 5am with my neighbor. I also starting doing some exercise ball stuff. I'd like to lose 5 lbs. I gained it due to Graves/thyroid disease. I'm still in my same size clothes, it's just that they are much tighter than before. It is such a bummer going to try on clothes..I know how you feel. :(

Brilliant Asylum said...

Story of my life. I always envy people who buy an article of clothing because they "will wear it for ever". This has never been my case as my weight never stays the same (sometimes up 10 pounds, sometimes down). Half the clothes in my closet are too big, half are too small.

charmaine said...

Hi Brandi! i love the shoes. i was also wondering if that egg thing works, let me know how you like it.here are a few answers to your questions. do i have children? yes, a son.i'm single. i haven't used my birthday plates yet,but i look forward to using them.no, i don't have a myspace.my email is heavenlycloud35@yahoo.com.

God Bless,

Shannon said...

I've heard these ped eggs really work! Love those shoes!

belladella said...

I feel your pain. I don't want to push any certain diet but Slimfast and moderate exercise has worked for me. In fact, I lost 30lbs in 07 before my wedding and have kept it off. Slimfast helps me with portion control and I happen to love the chocolate ones.

The shoes are adorable and you have to let us know if the egg works. I've been wondering about those.

the undomesticated wife said...

Hi Brandi! A couple of things:

I love the quilt your grandmother made you! I have some quilts from my grandmother as well. My mom is a quilter too. There's nothing better than a handmade quilt! Your grandma did such a nice job! I bet it's very special to you.

I was reading your post about saying you'd go to the beach every day if you could. Oh how I wish I lived near a beach! I definitely think I was born to the wrong parents, because I LOVE the beach...I live for the few days we get to go to the gulf. However, my parents are not beach people. Thankfully, my hubby indulges me. He likes the beach, but hates the humidity. We went to the Virgin Islands a couple of years ago. I could live there so easily! In the meantime, I have to make due with Port Aransas, which I do love, but it's no Caribbean. ;) (Port A is an island off Texas in the gulf, near Corpus Christi...not too far from Galveston, which I'm sure you've heard all about lately!)...have a great day!

Oh, how's Carmen doing?

Jennifer said...

First, I have ped egg and think it's great! Just make sure your feet are very dry. Do not use it when you come out of the shower! Second, the weight thing is so hard but I recently went down a size and it made a huge difference in the way clothes are now fitting me. What I did what just cut back in general. I like to eat everything but now I eat in moderation and it really does work. Good luck! :)

mollyandmarshal said...

I love the shoes!!

As for the unwanted weight gain, I'm sure we can all relate! I've heard that Body For Life is really great. It's more of a lifestyle change, not so much a diet. You can check it out at www.bodyforlife.com. My friend told me about it, so I've been browsing the website, and it seems to make a lot of sense. But trust me, you're not alone!

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