Midnight Snack

Something you may not know about me...
Not only am I a night owl but I'm a snacker!

Some friends and I got together earlier tonight and I brought pasta salad, I had a little left over so now I'm just eating away as I wander through blog after blog after blog after blog. There are so many amazing women out there! It's great that we all have a place where we can connect and share thoughts, ideas, recipes, tips, stories, creativity, inspiration, encouragement, prayers, laughs, everything and anything!

Pasta Salad Info:
Tri-colored noodles.
Bell pepper.
Black olives.
Granny smith apple.
Shredded colby jack cheese.
Zesty Italian dressing.

While noodles are boiling, I get a medium bowl and put about 1 cup of Italian dressing in it. As I cut up my veggies and apple, I put them straight into bowl to marinate. After noodles are done and cool for about 5 minutes, I dump veggies and dressing in and mix it all together. Add a little more dressing, mix, cover and then put in fridge to cool. Once you're ready to serve... add more Italian dressing, mix, add shredded cheese, mix again and you're ready to eat!


the undomesticated wife said...

Oh my, that looks good! I may have to actually use my kitchen for something other than feeding my dogs! ;)

Will try this! Thanks for posting it!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Yum!! We'd eat that any time!!
We've tagged you on our blog to let us know 7 quirky things about yourself - if you'd like to play, head on over!!
Hope all is well!
Karla & Karrie

charmaine said...

Mmmmm,that looks so delicious,i love the ingredients! i bet that apple really taste good in this dish.thanks for the recipe.Brandi, thanks for answering all of our questions.what amazes me is how much we have in common.we like the same things, wow. well, i hope you have a very blessed weekend!

God Bless,

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