I would really like to get some bakers twine and the twine I find on the internet is about $20 plus shipping.... Just curious if anyone knows of any stores I can actually go and buy it rather then ordering off the internet? Thanks!

UPDATE!!! I finally got some! Yay! Thanks for your help!


Colleen said...

Hi Brandi- Do you have a restaurant supply store near you? They sometimes sell baker's twine. I bought some from wesellcoffee.com, and I found that it was the cheapest online source. Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way!

kate said...

I always buy mine at the grocery store. Its in with the kitchen utensils. Also, you can ask your butcher if they have some.

Bari said...

You can get it at www.raffit.com... not sure what the pricing is, but I think it's wholesale.

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