One Word: Yummy!

Okay, I like candles but I don't love them except for these.... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my IllUME BOULANGERIE Angel Food candles and for the holidays I love to burn the Sweet Vanilla and Cinnamon! They smell so yummy, you just want to eat them up.

Here is my delightful little candle... all ready to be burned.

The second picture is what I like to do to dress my candles up a bit.


kate said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That candle is my obsession right now! I just want to get a spoon out and start eating it. Thats normal, right?

I like the display you have of it. I have mine on the kitchen table, in a vintage pyrex pie dish with coffee beans around it.

Lilla Blanka said...


Yummy! I can imagine hos wonderful that candle smells...mmmm

Thank you so much for your sweet words in my blog *hug*

I really like yours too! I absolutely love (vintage) quilts and can´t stop buying them :)

Have a nice day!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I just thought to say hi and welcoming you to the "BLOGLAND".


belladella said...

That is a beautiful way to display a candle. I am definitely going to steal that!

Joy @ The Vintage Rabbit said...

Hi Brandi..I'm going to have to check out those candles! Not only do they sound good...they are the right color for my house!

Smiles, Joy~

kate said...

Yup, anthropologie is where I get mine too. I could live at that store if they'd let me.

Debbie Kay said...


Candles are my favorite and I think I just found a new one I love. Thanks for sharing & I love the idea....

Debbie Kay

Mia said...

Thank you for your lovely comments in my blog, they have been a treat to read and are much appreciated. It has also been a treat to have found your beautiful blog, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself here.

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