Mamma Mia

This is a MUST SEE! I just loved every little bit of this adorable, charming movie! I'm planing on seeing it for a second time. NOTE TO SELF: Buy this when it comes out on dvd!


kate said...

Nope I don't mind! I am ALL about the deals! I think it was 19 something at Sam's. I do know they sell them at my Target, Office Depot and Staples. I think I saw them for between 25-35 at the office supply places. Mine uses the 2 1/4 x 4 in cards. Its a super fun craft project!

Oh, and if you do it I HIGHLY recommend splurging to get the rolodex hole punch. Cutting it by hand stinks!

Erin said...

thanks for your comments. your blog is really sweet! I too am from the midwest, I moved here to So Cal 20 years ago. There are many great flea markets; Irvine Valley College the first Sun of each mo. Long Beach, Petals and Greens in Tustin and of course the Rose Bowl! Happy thrifting!

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