Leave it up to HOMEGOODS!

2 things about me you may not know: I adore owls and I love shopping at Homegoods.

I didn't have such a great day yesterday when I went thrifting. I went to a handful or so of thrift stores and there was nothing, nothing, nothing... it was ALL JUNK! I didn't come home with not even one little thing! I was GREATLY disappointed... not only did I come home empty handed but I wasted a lot of gas and time doing this.

Today I decided to check out this cute little shop that I keep hearing about. I loved practically everything in the place. It's called Wimzy and everything is so wimsical! There were a few things that I truly wanted but they were a little more then I wanted to pay. One item inspired me to start a new little home project though. I did find out that they are having a sale on the 19th and everything in the store will be 25% off... so, I will be back!

Because I was so down that I didn't get to come home with any goodies these past 2 days, I decided to treat myself to HOMEGOODS. 9 out 10 times I always find something there!

So, here is what I got. My most favorite thing is the little welcome sign. This is actually a pretty bad picture of it but I love the detail of it, I love the tone of green and I adore the font. And it's on a nice hard canvas.... I'm still pondering where I can hang this litle sign... any ideas?


Shab-n-Chic said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed reading yours and wish there was a Home Goods near me. I believe it's over 45 minutes from me, but that's probably a good thing since I will be saving money. :) Cute things..love those owl mugs!

Kim's Treasures said...

Home Goods is my absolute favorite! You found the cutest sign and love those owl mugs! Owls are becoming something I find myself drawn too now that I see them everywhere!
Have a great Wednesday!

quiltdoggie said...

Oh My! I am dangerous in HomeGoods * I always find way tooooo much! Love your goodies ~ thanx for visiting, too ~ now I'm off to catch up on yours ~ have a great day!

Marie Louise said...

I am a Homegoods addict myself. There are always multiple things I could walk out of there with any day of the week but I try to control myself. Love your "owl" thing. My sister is into elephants but I find owls much more appealing!

kate said...

HomeGoods is awesome. I wish there was one closer to me. Last time I went I got an awesome rustic wood barn star.

I also love owls. Not sure why though.

restyled home said...

Lucky you!! Those owl teacups would be perfect for my kitchen at Halloween!! I love it all!!


Life at the White House said...

I have actually never been into a Home Goods....I've seen a few, but it's always when we're traveling and don't have time to stop.

I must find that little owl mug!

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