Inspirational Board

A few posts back I was talking about how I was in the process of making one...

I call it *My Inspirational Board* it consists of things that I love, adore, can't live without, hope for, wish for, admire, talk about, think about, dream about or just things that catch my eye, and so on.

I finally have it up on my wall and thought I would share some pics. Wish the pictures came out a little better but here is what I have at this point.


sparkled*life said...

It is so good to have something that reminds you of everything you love and enjoy and dream of. I love to journal it is so good for me to sit down and read about all that God has done for me and the dreams that I still have alive in my heart!
When things get hard and you have hard days it is good to have something that is a constant reminder of what is really in your heart.

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / thomranch@hctc.net said...

I love your inspiration board! I wish I could see it in person so I could really check it out.

You may not remember, but we're friends from Lolli'.
Isn't that such a cute venue? I have enjoyed the ning so much and in fact, it's taken up waayyyyy too much of my "work" time! LOL

Just got home from F.C.A. - I'm a co-huddle leader - I adore those teenagers - it's so amazing to listen to them talk about Jesus in front of their peers and WITH their peers. Hmmmmmm. I feel good:)

Now I must get back to work. I have sooo much to do!

See you at Lolli'



charmaine said...

wow! Brandi, i'm really looking at your blog and i finally see a picture of you. i thought you and your husband were actual models. what a beautiful couple! girl, you are gorgeous. i love your board.

have a blessed day!

God Bless,

luthien said...

hi! came into your blog via many many clicks at other blogger's link :) i love this inspiration board you made. what a wonderful idea! not only it's full of beautiful things, it's a wishlist and if you look at it often enough and channel your energies right... it becomes a manifestation list :) great idea :) God bless.

p/s sorry about you beloved doggie... trust that she's in good hands now :)

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