Crazy Quilt

I have two very Special, Dear, Beautiful, Amazing grandmas that I adore so very, very much. They are so opposite of each other but they both have qualities that I admire to no end! I call one of them Mamaw and one of them Mom.

Mom (and I call her this I *think* because I always heard my dad call her that...LOL) made me my very own quilt. I cherish it so very much. She has 4 grandchildren, and I am her oldest. She planned to make one for each of us. Of course I was first because I was her first one! Yay for me!

She let me decide what kind of wanted, what fabrics I wanted to use and what I wanted her to do with it. I said that I wanted a crazy quilt and I wanted her to do embroidering all over it. Anywhere and everywhere! And I said, I want one random square all by itself on the back! I believe this is the very first quilt she has ever made, she also isn't one that has much experience with embroidering and she did it all by hand....and she did it all for me!

She started on Christmas day and ended on my birthday... there were a few years inbetween but she put a lot of heart and soul into it.

I just love it. Every time I look at this amazing piece of work, I find some new little surprise on it just for me to find.



kate said...

That quilt is FANTASTIC!

belladella said...

Oh, those are wonderful....magical. I love them. Thanks for you visit to BellaDella. Please to "meet" you :) I am going to leave here and add you to my blogroll now. Have a great night!

Bari said...

Oh, my! That quilt is fabulous! How lucky you are!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Brandi ~ ( I apologize cause I think I calle you Cali up above...tis late and I am tired!)

This is a fabulous quilt with so many neat little touches here and there. I see what you mean by see something different each time you look at it. How wonderful to have something so very special that was made by your grandmother.


traci said...

that is a wonderful quilt. i love the bright colors. just beautiful!

Olivia said...

Incredibly sweet. What a cherished possession!

{ L } said...

I am in love with this quilt! It is a TRUE treasure. The embroidery is my favorite part. PERFECT.

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