Beach Girl!

I'm originally from the midwest, but always dreamed of living near the ocean. I would go every day if only I lived by the ocean, I often said to myself. Well, I finally live by the ocean and you know what? I never go. I partly blame my husband who grew up here, he doesn't really desire going to the beach like me so we just don't really go. BUT!... I finally decided I'm going no matter what! This last week I had a slow week so I went down 5 days... Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday... I had such a lovely time. I found this quaint little beach that I just adore. I wish I would have thought of this sooner. Although, he did come with me twice, the other three days I came down all by myself and it was so nice and relaxing. I really enjoyed my alone time with just me and the big blue sea and of course the sandy beach! I'm a California Girl now and I love it! Here are a few photos that I took this week...

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