Life's interesting. Jot it.

I love SpotJots... So, I thought I would share it with the rest of the world! :o) Here's a little tid bit on what it's all about. Enjoy.

SpotJots is a place where people can share their life, where it happens.

Stay connected with friends and family, establish new friends, discover new places, and amass an online journal of favorite memories as you record your experiences and thoughts throughout the day.

Use SpotJots to record your life as it happens, and share it with the public, only your friends and family, or just keep it all to yourself. Jot down your notes, stories or opinions as they happen. Enrich them with photos, video, and audio and post them to SpotJots for real-time sharing with your network of friends.

What’s a jot without a spot? Your jots are assigned the location of where they occurred so not only can your friends see what you’re doing, but also where you’re doing it! Chances are, where you’re at is important, and SpotJots let’s you tell the whole story with interactive maps. In addition, you can view your friends on a map and see where everybody last checked in.

Speaking of friends, SpotJots is all about staying connected with them. Whenever you post a new jot, your friends are immediately sent an email letting them know what you’re up to and where.
They can communicate back to you from spotjots. com or by replying to the notification email! Likewise, you receive notifications when your friends post new updates.

SpotJots is also where you can discover new places and people both locally and globally. You can visually explore the world through interactive maps and city guides. You can also seek out others with similar interests through a featured jotters section, a recent public jot timeline and a “smart” search bar.

A wonderful by-product of jotting is that your SpotJots account becomes your online source for your past thoughts and experiences. Each jotter can look through their jots in a journal format, or view their story “spatially” on their own interactive map. Categories enable you to view every jot posted by a user, or just a particular layer that interests you – like their restaurant reviews, sports related activities, vacations, etc.

Because life doesn’t happen behind a desk, SpotJots is committed to providing powerful mobile tools to help you jot in real-time. BlackBerry, Nokia and iPhone users can use our downloadable applications to post media-enriched jots as they are out and about. Don’t own one of those smartphones? No problem…you can also use MMS messaging (available on nearly all phones) and email as well.

SpotJots also plays well with others. Automatically have your jots published to your other online accounts, such as Facebook, Blogger, TypePad and Twitter. The SpotJots widget or FB app will tell your friends from other communities what you been doing lately, using animated maps to show them where.

Life’s interesting. Jot it.

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